The race 19va Ganac – ITESM is a support of the families of Culiacan for children with cancer.

The corridors of the hospital may seem like endless kilometers for a child that hurts for every step they stopped giving because of the ravages of chemotherapy.

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Know by Virtual Reality the race Ganac – ITESM

Oscar Blanco and his family

They are steps that can become memories and anecdotes thanks to the steps and tracks that others have decided to make for a noble cause.

Claudia Blanco Montaño

In November of 1996, the founders of Ganac together with the enthusiasm and support of teachers and students of Tecnologico of Monterrey began with what has become a tradition over time.


A race that year after year adds more people who enjoy family day with all its members, including their pets, which like their owners, put the shirts on.

Claudia Blanco Montaño

Texto: Claudia Blanco Montaño

Lic. en Periodismo y Maestra

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How this Virtual Tour was made

Major events such as the race Ganac – ITESM is the same as previous organizations.  It’s good to know all the activities that will be developed. 

When, where and how.  This way it can be estimated what is interesting to photograph, if you have photographic equipment necessary and if there are possibilities of witnessing the chosen activities. 

There is no need to carry overweight accessories.  Many times you’ll find yourself surrounded by hundreds of people, like in my case in the Isla de Oraba, where it will be almost impossible that you can move easily.  Just take a pair of lenses and turn on your creative soul.

What lenses? On the one hand, it depends on the nature of the event.  On the other hand, some that best suit the way you see. 

If you like close details, think short optical, and if your view is always thinking of distant points, then lean for telephoto lenses. 

Use our photos

Our photos have “Creative Commons“ license. This license allows you to use our photos, without needing permission, legally. When using the photos, the only requirement is that you provide credit as follows: 

“Photography: Miguel Angel Victoria / Sinaloa 360”

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