Marina El Cid at Mazatlán, Sinaloa

Dorado, Yellow fin Tuna, and Grouper can be reeled in aboard Aries Sport Fishing Fleet at Marina El Cid.  Head further north is lake El Salto, where can be experienced the best freshwater bass fishing in all of Mexico. Teeming with Blue Marlin, White Marlin and Sailfish, the waters of Mazatlan coast are called the […]

Culiacan International Marathon

The Culiacan International Marathon, which this year attracted about 3 thousand 500 national and international athletes started at 07:00 o’clock. With the Edition XXVII made this year, Culiacan International Marathon was established as a sports festival and an international fair attractive to athletes, national and international. Since also this year received the endorsement of the […]

Topolobampo, the place where the rainbow ends

Topolobampo, Place where the magic of the elements are combined in a universal symphony. Wild land of hills with cactus and pitahayas; Blue sky in the day and stars in the night vault. Below, the village attending the imposing presence of the Bay of Ohuira formed by the waters of the Sea of Cortez. Where […]

“El Cerro de La Memoria” in Los Mochis, Sinaloa

It “El Cerro de la Memoria” in Los Mochis Guardian of the centuries that have passed. Watchful and proud of the city that has grown at its roots. Looking over the green fields of Valle del Fuerte. “Memorial Hill” how the first North American settlers had baptized it. Because there at its skirts they buried their […]

House of the culture Conrado Espinoza

In the 1930s the most powerful nation in the world, USA: collapses due to the Great Depression that has global consequences. Great social and political tensions are provoked and give place to the rise of dictatorships like those of Adolf Hitler in Germany and Francisco Franco in Spain. During those days the world’s tallest building […]

Teatro Angela Peralta in Mazatlán

The Teatro Angela Peralta is located in the Historic Center of Mazatlan near Plazuela Machado. Rebuilt twice and inaugurated three, the Angela Peralta Theater in Mazatlan is today a magnificent room. In addition to its beautiful architecture, features the most modern advancements to present shows. Angela Peralta Castera (Mexico City July 6, 1845 – Mazatlan, […]

Parroquía de Santa Ines (Saint Agnes Parish)

The Templo de Santa Ines, located in front of the Tec de Monterrey, began its construction in October 1992. Then, it’s delivered in December 1993 to the Diocese of Culiacan, Sinaloa. Its first Chaplain was Monsignor Alfredo González, from Christmas 1993 to July 2002. On January 2012, in the memory of Saint Agnes, Virgin and Martyr, […]

Cathedral Basilica of Mazatlan

The youngest Cathedral Basilica of Mazatlan, dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, is the main religious building in the, of baroque style, and hosts Roman Catholic diocese of Mazatlan. It is located in the historic center, near the Plazuela Machado.  The construction of the temple started in 1856 by order of the then Bishop Pedro Loza […]

Restaurant Casa 46 in Mazatlan

“Restaurant Casa 46”, a high cuisine restaurant, is one of the best restaurants Around the Plazuela “Machado”. Mazatlan has a lot of tourist attractions, one of which is its gastronomy. It is famous for its “aguachile” (a shrimp dish), as well as a famous dish named “pescado zarandeado” (a fish sliced in half prepared with […]