The Chapel of the Virgin of Guadalupe, a historical monument, was built by the Order of the Company of Jesus, initially it was consecrated to the devotion of Saint Francis Xavier, later to the Virgin of Guadalupe. 

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The sturdy construction of the Chapel of the Virgin of Guadalupe, with a unique cresting and simple tower, is made of quarry and stone, being older than the Parish of Santa Úrsula, since it was completed at the end of 1750. Its interior is too austere, due to which in the twenties was used as a corral. 

Altar principal de la Capilla de la Virgen de Guadalupe en Cosalá

Revolutionary episodes, battles and warlike encounters were staged in the Chapel of the Virgin of Guadalupe, when in the battle of May 1911, it was a bastion of the defenders of the Redista Government. 

Claro G. Molina spared the life of the illustrious prefect José Sabas de la Mora, inviting him not to take up arms again against the Revolution, however months later, in the taking of Culiacán, he met him again, defending the Sanctuary and near there he was shot. 

Consecration of the Chapel of the Virgin of Guadalupe 

It has been the headquarters of one of the most important traditions of the Cosaltecs, The Festival of Candles, in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe, where every December 11 the streets and alleys are illuminated with candles and candles illuminating the passage of the Morenita, who visits us to leave us his blessings. 

It was consecrated to the Virgin of Guadalupe in 1923. 

This important tradition has been commemorated for more than 300 years, being the only festival that is celebrated throughout the country, so with the efforts of the municipal administrations, it has been decreed as Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Cosaltecs, likewise, Currently, the process is in process to grant it recognition at the State level and subsequently we will seek to position this great tradition at the federal level. 

Text: Dr. Marcos C. Santos Quintero

Turism Director of Cosalá

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How this Virtual Tour was made 

On December 11, a few hours after starting the procession to the Virgin of Guadalupe at the Festival of Candles, I had the opportunity to make these images.

The Chapel of the Virgin of Guadalupe is a small temple visited by hundreds of parishioners from all over the region who participate in this festival with deep respect and veneration. 

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