The Culiacan International Marathon, which this year attracted about 3 thousand 500 national and international athletes started at 07:00 o’clock. With the Edition XXVII made this year, Culiacan International Marathon was established as a sports festival and an international fair attractive to athletes, national and international.

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Since also this year received the endorsement of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF, for its acronym in English). So that it is qualifying for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil 2016, and for the world of the specialty at Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom, from this year

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The Mexican athletes who registered less than 2 hrs and 15 minutes for 42 kilometers in the men’s branch, and 2 hrs and 35 minutes in the women in the Culiacan International Marathon, got their direct pass to the Olympics to be held next year in Brazil.

Direct Pass to the Olympics

Meanwhile, for the worldwide championships in that European country, athletes will have a direct pass in the men’s branch only if they register a time minor to 1 hr 05 minutes on the 21 kilometers category. And 1hr 15 minutes in the women’s branch. Mexicans Ricardo Ramos Vargas and Brenda Flores Muñoz had no problem due to their extraordinary preparation.

Atención médica

The Culiacan International Marathon is considered one of the best in the country, which annually has been increasing the number of participants.

The Culiacan International Marathon contributes to the noble cause that tops the “Grupo Amigos de Niños Afectados con Cáncer” (Friends of Affected Children with Cancer “Ganac”) since this is a “Marathon with cause… a different Marathon.”

More than 1,500 volunteers participated at the hydrating stalls and in the event’s entertaining area. 

Thirty thousand bags of water and electrolytes were distributed; 485 security elements participated, 80 units and an ambulance of the SSP (Ministry of Public Health) 25 paramedics of the Mexican Red Cross, three ambulances of the infarct code and three motorcycles. 

Finalistas del maratón

In addition, it had the support of 28 members of the police department, three law enforcement vehicles and an ambulance of Civil Protection. 

The event also received special support from 25 members of the Maniacs Motorcyclists Club and radio systems; as well as with 300 youngsters and the support of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa.

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How this Virtual Tour was made

Some years ago I had the fortune to run this Culiacan International Marathon. The Paynani Club already existed back then and we used it as a gathering point for many athletes. It was fun jogging as a group traveling many roads in our region. 

I fondly recall the time. That is why it was very exciting for me to make these virtual tours as recognition for the athletes, organizers and especially to all the people of Culiacan that make Culiacan International Marathon a celebration of the city.

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