The Festival of The Candles (Fiesta de Las Velas) officially begins at dusk, on December 11th. The lights of hundreds of candles are lit up. Silent and magical, they illuminate the tradition of more than 330 years of the beautiful, magical town of Cosalá.  

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As if called upon by Angels, families come out to light up the path for the Virgin Mary. So that she can traverse the whole town and reach the Chapel of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Un grupo de jóvenes disfrutando de la Fiesta de Las Velas en Cosalá

In an atmosphere characteristic of a tale that is passed down by grandparents. 

Mystical and magical, you can feel the atmosphere during the day of the Festival of The Candles in Cosalá.  

Festival of The Candles, a tradition of the magical town of Cosalá 

Cosalá obtained the distinctive title of “Magical Town” for owning a diversity of cultural manifestations that are a product of its history. Overall, due to the efforts of its people to preserve traditions and customs of their ancestors. 

Calles de Cosalá iluminadas con velas

One of those beautiful traditions is the Festival of the candles, of which every resident of Cosalá feels highly honored. 

The Festival of The Candles consists of illuminating the streets, windows and sidewalks, with hundreds of candles, which turn into a path of light and devotion.

Such great devotion escorts the religious procession in which the whole population participates, while reciting the Hail Mary, accompanied by religious music.  

Miles de velas iluminando las calles de Cosalá

It’s a religious procession in which the entire population gets involved, as they recite the Hail Mary, complemented by religious music. 

Ending its trail in the atrium of the chapel of Guadalupe, from where the entire town sings “las mañanitas” to the Virgin Mary.

It’s a whole religious spectacle, truly magical and mystic, that can only be understood by being in the Magic Town of Cosalá, on December 11th. To understand a town, its people, and its extraordinary traditions.

Rosa Alicia Osorio Porras

Text: Rosa Alicia Osorio Porras
Businesswoman of the tourist sector 
Director of Tourism, Central Zone, Sinaloa State Tourism Secretariat 

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How this Virtual Tour was made 

We went to Cosalá on December 11th to take pictures of the Festival of The Candles.

In the morning, we visited the Parish of Santa Ursula, which is located in front of the plaza and Vado Hondo.

In the afternoon, we made the Virtual Tour of the Luis Pérez Meza Alley and the Quinta Minera Hotel.  

At night, during the Festival of the Candles, we took a picture of a group of young people. They had to remain still for 30 seconds, as if they were statues… the result… excellent! 

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“Photography: Miguel Angel Victoria / Sinaloa 360”

English translation made by Casandra Gallegos Ocegueda, student at PrepaTec Campus Sinaloa. Tecnológico de Monterrey

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