The hotel “posada del Hidalgo” is located at the foothills of Hill Fuerte of Montesclaros, next to the municipal palace and the temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

It was built by Don Rafael Almada in 1895, being the biggest mansion in the village at the time. Don Rafael Almada, son of a miner from Alamos, Sonora., was the wealthiest businessman in the region, owner of 40 thousand hectares.  

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The mansion was distinguished because there took place the most important ancestral festivities. It hosted characters such as General Venustiano Carranza, among others.

The hotel holds an unmatched number of myths and legends. At the time of his death, the Almada family left the property to their heirs. 

Alberca iluminada de el Hotel Posada del Hidalgo

In 1968 the property was sold to Don Roberto Balderrama Gómez for one hundred and twenty-five thousand pesos, who decided to restore it to start the Hotel Posada del Hidalgo.  

This company has been the base for jobs and over the years it has been modified, always respecting its colonial architecture. Currently, it has 3 historical buildings with 68 colonial rooms. It is one of the finest and most emblematic hotels, in fact it is considered a Resort and Museum Hotel. 

The Hotel Posada del Hidalgo has 7 astonishing gardens and rooms for social events. It counts with the best staff from El Fuerte, for you to have an unforgettable visit, offering tours all days of the year. It is recommended to visit the “Plaza de Armas”, enjoy a raft ride and the petroglyphs at the hill de La Máscara archaeological site.   

Restaurante del Hotel Posada del Hidalgo

It is distinguished for being the cathedral of the Rio Fuerte shrimp, and the juiciest and most exquisite bass fillet of the regional dam.  

Learn about regional history at the El Fuerte Museum and Viewpoint and the Mayan Indian communities. The guides from the different tours around the place are well-trained for all activities.

Our hotel holds the sword of the legendary Fox, as we presume that the legend of the fox was born here, and we have dedicated a statue in his memory. 

Miguel Angel León Chávez

Text: Miguel Angel León Chávez

Guide, Public Relations and Recreational Activities 

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