Conrado Espinoza, who helped by another young and self-taught teacher, Alejandro Avilés Inzunza, would start the extraordinary work of educating and training of several generations of men committed to their environment.

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In the 1930s the most powerful nation in the world, USA: collapses due to the Great Depression that has global consequences. Great social and political tensions are provoked and give place to the rise of dictatorships. Like those of Adolf Hitler in Germany and Francisco Franco in Spain.

During those days the world’s tallest building in New York, the Empire State is inaugurated. And the famous gangster Al Capone is finally placed in the hands of justice and sentenced to 11 years of prison from where he would not get out alive. 

Casa Conrado Espinoza

In theaters the world was shocked in horror with Dracula, The Dr. Frankenstein and King Kong.

Here in the peacefulness of a population that is emerging between chinames, wood houses and brick houses of the American colony, is concern about the culture and education.

Conrado Espinoza

Conrado Espinoza, a young and restless teacher who had come from other lands, undertakes the task to begin the construction of a building on the hillside of Cerro de la Memoria to host what would be the first high school in the northwest and north of the state of Sinaloa. 

Casa Conrado Espinoza

Nowadays this big old house maintained and preserved houses the “Casa de la Cultura Conrado Espinoza,” leaving behind its nickname “College Hill”

It is one of the iconic places of what was the sugarcane city and clings to the years and the rocky base once called “Memorial Hill”. On the ground floor converted into a museum and multipurpose room, drink together lovers of culture and the arts. 

On the second floor exhibition galleries and municipal art gallery. In the third and final beautiful terraces and lounge where good coffee is drank while having access to poetry, and good books. And the most spectacular sunsets of this region are appreciated. 

Casa Conrado Espinoza

It is one of the iconic places of what was the sugarcane city and clings to the years and the rocky base once called “Memorial Hill”.

All of this occurs while as night falls, a mysterious halo surrounds the house by which they assure laughs and children’s voices. Some faces of the ones that are already gone, peek through the windows glimpsing to the new Los Mochis they did not get to know.

Melchor Angulo

Text: Melchor Angulo

Writer and Journalist

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How this Virtual Tour was made

Museums like “Casa de la Cultura Conrado Espinoza”, where besides its architecture highlight its gardens and its content, are an opportunity for the magic of photo sphere which allows us to appreciate the beauty of the whole environment.

In this occasion I did not use the rod Nodal Ninja and natural light coming through the windows helped me achieve uniformity in the white balance.

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