Navistar’s International® brand celebrates 20 years in the Mexican market and is celebrating with the arrival of the International LoneStar Truck.

This model has a classic-retro look on its exterior, in addition to its functional advances in its interior that makes a whole experience for the driver. 

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Behind the steering wheel, the truck offers comfortable and safe handling for the driver thanks to its ergonomically advanced instrumental panel that maximizes visibility and provides premium accessibility to the operator.

International LoneStar

We can realize the convergence of design, fuel efficiency and comfort. 

Resulting in ‘the elegance of the classic and the excellence of technological innovation’. Navistar’s International® brand celebrates 20 years in the Mexican market and is celebrating with the arrival of the International Truck LoneStar®.

International LoneStar

But the LoneStar® is more than love at first sight of its stylized grille, it has a superior maneuverability with a 50 ° angle of rotation and anti-tip stabilizer.

An outstanding reduction of vibration and soundproofing in the cabin, thanks to the advanced technology of the suspension; And advanced Diamond Logic® technology allows you to integrate chassis and body electronics to easily accommodate external or auxiliary equipment.

And not only that, its interior is equally striking, with its leather seats that rotate back to create a wider area; Individual bed; Vertical aircraft type cabinets that allow passengers to have more storage space; A mini bar and work desk with laptop connections; Bluetooth system, GPS navigation, Wii Fi, USB connection … all on a 6.5 “touch screen, among other benefits.

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How this Virtual Tour was made

Last May, the first International LoneStar truck trains arrived in the city of Culiacán Sinaloa, so it was necessary to make a formal presentation of these impressive units. CAPASA, distributor of the brand International® opened its doors to a select group of people to meet these units. 

Institutional agency and brand videos were presented at the dinner, but the main interest was to present these 360 photographs of the interior and exterior of these impressive units, thus showing their differentiating characteristics that make it unique in its class. The most adequate fund was considered in relation to the type of units and the decision was made to take it in the modern offices of the corporate of SuKarne in this city of Culiacán. 

These modern offices combine with the elegance of the classic and the excellence of the technological innovation of the International® LoneStar®.  Very pleasant was the surprise of the result of the same, since in all the forums it has been very commented and well seen.

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