The tourist destination “Isla Cortés” is located at the gates of the Sea of Cortés, “The aquarium of the World”.

Beach Club “Puesta del Sol”.

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Know by Virtual Reality Cortes Island

At only 65 kilometers from Culiacán, Sinaloa, around 40 minutes by the highway.

With the best gastronomy of the coast of Sinaloa in a family environment with fun. Counts with a big parking lot and easy access. Isla Cortés is the first residential destination, nautical and with sustainable golf in Mexico, in a magnificent environment of dunes and marshes.

Isla Cortés in  Altata,  Navolato

In the heart of the bay of Altata, the new Navy and Yacht Club of Isla Cortés offers the best services that will multiply the pleasure of the sea and the boats.

With a great biodiversity, Cortés Island offers the beauty of the Cortés Sea with the calm and protection of the bay of Altata. It has around 2,450 hectares in the peninsula of Lucenilla, 22 kilometers of beach in front of the Cortés Sea.

Isla Cortés in  Altata,  Navolato

19 kilometers in front of the bay, marine and yacht club at the bay with all services included and a spectacular restaurant of special dishes.

In the Navy you can find: Peines/slips and docks, hangars of different dimensions, open spaces in the dry Navy, restaurants, stores, gas stations for the boats in the dock, dressing areas, parking lots for cars and other vehicles, rent of sport equipment and boats, purchase and sale of sports equipment.

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How this virtual tour was made

This project of Isla Cortés was made by Luis Amarante, Miguel Angel Victoria and the Colombian teacher Mario Carvajal, who inspired us to take pictures of the Milky Way from Cortés Island.

Our intention was to go one night before, because by then we had new moon and there was total darkness, but the rain did not allow us to do it. That day we arrived around four in the afternoon and used the time to take some sphere photos of the Navy, Yacht Club and the Beach Club “Puesta del Sol”.

It is a paradise, with excellent installations to go out, eat and enjoy of its beautiful sunsets. The photos of the Milky Way were of long exposition since 8:00-8:30. An unforgettable evening that we are looking forward to repeat soon.

Use our photos

Our photos have “Creative Commons“ license. This license allows you to use our photos, without needing permission, legally. When using the photos, the only requirement is that you provide credit as follows: 

“Photography: Miguel Angel Victoria / Sinaloa 360”

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