“Las Riberas” park is located at the Tamazula river bank, next to Culiacan center and in front of the “Orabá” island. It is one of the most beautiful parks in the city.

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There we can find playgrounds, pedal boats, kayak, motorboats to go on a trip over the river, and a 12 km long cycle path. Many families have picnics here every day.

There are big picnic tables where they can comfortably enjoy the park. There are also some environmental courses, bicycles for rent, soccer and volleyball fields, and roller skates.

This picture was taken in October 15th at 8:19 pm, at the blue hour, which is the last minute with light on the sky.

To make some night pictures look prettier, the sky should not be black, but slightly blue.

And to be there at the exact hour I used an app in my iPhone called “Photopills”.

And to be there at the exact hour I used an app in my iPhone called “Photopills”. Which indicates the hour at which the blue and golden hour start and end.

This app also allows us to see the movement of the sun and the moon. If you have ever seen pictures of the moon by a church or any other building, it is not because the photographer was lucky.

With Photopills, you can know the place, date and time in which the moon will be in a particular position in order for us to program the photo shooting.

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English language translation made by Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa through the collaboration of Centro de Estudio de Idiomas Culiacán

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