Gulls of graceful flight weave figures on the sky of El Maviri, while beneath those same waters also the life of a rich range of marine species. This small island, whose name comes from The Cahita or Yoreme-Mayo, and is actually "Baviri", next to the port of Topolobampo and a few minutes from Los Mochis, also bathes in the Sea of Cortez. A true sanctuary of the osprey, and of the bat in its entrance exists a famous and protected cave already. This fragment of land and sand is a busy place of walks for the neighbors of all the region and the visitors of many other places. The magnificent of a daybreak, the sand in its beaches fulfill with the Golden rising sun. Still virgin in terms of tourist development, El Maviri, offers the visitor that feeling of the natural in all senses of the word, and the feeling of indigenous presences, original owners, who still care for their beloved land before the curious intrusion of The Yoris who visit it. Then, life over the water effervesces of squawking and flapping. During the day, the cool maritime air is filled with aromas that are a gastronomic temptation. It is said that there are more than a hundred fish and seafood dishes (shrimp, aguachiles, ceviches, etc.) that are prepared in the abundant restaurants (some simple bundles) of the island. But above all of them stands out the popular "tossed fish", a true delicacy prepared with coal that constitutes a gastronomic pride of the local restaurants. In the evenings when the Angels flock to the seashore - The Maviri offers a true spectacle of the creation of the world: sunsets painted by the divine brush and palette. With extraordinary shades of reds, oranges and winks of light that make it a place of admiration and reflection to make the pupil marvel ... and relax the Soul. All this happens while the island, silently, observes entertaining to its little brother, the Farallón, that floats through the centuries, there, in the blue waters of the Sea of Cortez. Virtual Reality (VR) Virtual reality images for virtual reality glasses viewing in mobile devices There are no limits to see the world: live the experience by yourself in virtual reality ! Join us ! Little Planet Photo Gallery How this Virtual Tour was made The photograph of a beach like El Maviri, where we find besides the landscape, a splendid sun and sky can appear very flat, very two-dimensional. To give greater depth to the image and to introduce to the one who observes the photograph inside the beach can be very useful to incorporate elements in the foreground like people walking to the edge of the beach, the foam of the waves, a mountain of sand, rocks, A small jetty, etc. Try to do different tests by varying the perspective (shoot from higher or lower and you will get completely different results), vary your position to show one or other distribution of rocks, etc.
The still young city of Los Mochis, rises proudly as a real gem of the northwest of Mexico. “Mochim” plural of “Mochic” which translates from the cahitan language as “Tortuga de tierra” (land turtle) o “Mochi” name of a plant which abounded in the zone in which it now settles. Doña (Mrs) María Ochoa, daughter of Don (Mr) Zacarias Ochoa who got to meet and deal with Benjamin F. Jhonston, founder of the sugar mill that gave life to the population, testified (and there’s still an original map of that date who´s copy is in “La Casa del Centenario”) that the name had a simpler origin: “Los Mochos”, a nearby ranch, it was called like that because the founder of that family was missing one arm, and the settlers who lived in the socialist colony of Owen, degenerated the term, because of their foreignism they pronounced it “Los Mochis” until finally it remained as: “Los Mochis”. Hail beautiful lady of Valle del Fuerte! Beyond the linguistic paternity of the name, the population who gave its first hesitant steps around the chimneys of the sugar factory, was destined to be called the progressive and beautiful city in which it has become, being among the first in great life quality and of the most progressive of the Mexican Republic. Gone forever are the muddy streets during rainy season and big dust storms during winter. Nevermore will the “black rain” of soot from the chimneys and cane burning from the nearby fields will be seen it. The heavy creaking of the bogies where carries were made from the place of cutting to the mills of the factory. Nevermore will wagons be pulled by trucks and tractors lifting dust storms and children running after them from the settlements and small towns to steal the sweet and juicy sugar canes that were spilled on the sides giving free treats for the poor. Goodbye forever to the pitched and melancholic whistle that marked the life of the mochitenses between great gulps of steam thrown by the big black chimneys always covered in soot. Finally, the factory that stamped agonizingly in the last harvests, ceased to exist. Ironically the city that started out joyous at the beginning of the last century, eventually drowned it and the changes of progress annihilated it. But like the Phoenix, from those black ashes has emerged a new creation! An extraordinary turning point has been opened between nostalgia and tradition. The community of homes made of wood, huts made of mud, two traffic lights by the main street which were subject of admiration by the locals of that time, has had the extraordinary metamorphosis of the silkworm and a butterfly has sprouted that flutters beautifully in the green valley. Today it opens its arms to the brothers of Mexico and the world that arrive by air, sea and land. Today it gets ready to tell everyone, that it is a worthy and beautiful city with all the comforts and services. ¨Come! ¨ She says proudly and self-satisfied. 
¨Come! Everyone is welcomed¨ Meanwhile the ones who are here, from the bottom of our hearts and with the most sense of respect and the most intimate gratitude we say to you: Hail to Los Mochis! Hail beatiful lady of Valle del Fuerte! Virtual Reality (VR) Virtual reality images for virtual reality glasses viewing in mobile devices There are no limits to see the world: live the experience by yourself in virtual reality ! Join us ! Little Planet How this Virtual Tour was made Thanks to Hotel Best Wester from Los Mochis for the facilities that help us to elaborate this tour. The night photograph at that altitude is complicated on account of the wind, even if it is really light, the camera can move and the quality will no longer be acceptable. Because of this the diaphragm can’t be closed too much and the ISO has to be higher to get an appropriate shutter speed.
In the 1930s the most powerful nation in the world, USA: collapses due to the Great Depression triggered by the "Crash" of 1929 that has global consequences. Great social and political tensions are provoked and give place to the rise of dictatorships like those of Adolf Hitler in Germany and Francisco Franco in Spain. During those days the world's tallest building in New York, the Empire State is inaugurated, and the famous gangster Al Capone is finally placed in the hands of justice and sentenced to 11 years of prison from where he would not get out alive. In theaters the world was shocked in horror with Dracula, The Dr. Frankenstein and King Kong. Here in the peacefulness of a population that is emerging between chinames, wood houses and brick houses of the American colony, is concern about the culture and education. A young and restless teacher who had come from other lands, undertakes the task to begin the construction of a building on the hillside of Cerro de la Memoria to host what would be the first high school in the northwest and north of the state of Sinaloa. He was Conrado Espinoza, who helped by another young and self-taught teacher, Alejandro Aviles Inzunza, would start the extraordinary work of educating and training of several generations of men committed to their environment. Nowadays this big old house maintained and preserved houses the "Casa de la Cultura Conrado Espinoza," leaving behind its nickname "College Hill" It is one of the iconic places of what was the sugarcane city and clings to the years and the rocky base once called "Memorial Hill". On the ground floor converted into a museum and multipurpose room, drink together lovers of culture and the arts. On the second floor exhibition galleries and municipal art gallery and in the third and final beautiful terraces and lounge where good coffee is drank while having access to poetry, and good books, and the most spectacular sunsets of this region are appreciated. All of this occurs while as night falls, a mysterious halo surrounds the house by which they assure laughs and children's voices and some faces of the ones that are already gone, peek through the windows glimpsing to the new Los Mochis they did not get to know. Virtual Reality (VR) Virtual reality images for virtual reality glasses viewing in mobile devices There are no limits to see the world: live the experience by yourself in virtual reality ! Join us ! Little Planet How this Virtual Tour was made Museums like “Casa de la Cultura Conrado Espinoza”, where besides its architecture highlight its gardens and its content, are an opportunity for the magic of photo sphere which allows us to appreciate the beauty of the whole environment. In this occasion I did not use the rod Nodal Ninja and natural light coming through the windows helped me achieve uniformity in the white balance.
Nobody can pass without seeing it and nobody can get to Los Mochis without making reference of the surrounding. There it is. Watchful and proud of the city that has grown at its roots. Looking over the green fields of Valle del Fuerte. Beside it the past of pitahayas and hills has passed to give way to the present of grains and prosperity. It “El Cerro de la Memoria” Guardian of the centuries that have passed. Witness of the transit from Cahita to Spanish. From the indigenous walking to the fusion with the new white culture. Form the cheerful and mystical sound of Tenabri Yoreme to the hurried and loud passage of the Yoris by the new paths that hurt its hills to make way for progress of this lands. “Memorial Hill” how the first North American settlers had baptized it, because there at its skirts they buried their first dead ones. Banderacahui, as the Indians called it, based on their cahita dialect. Long ago that lighthouse that during the nights was a guide for travelers and a reference for the ships that sailed the waters near the “Mar de Cortes” ripping the vestments of the night with a light of hope that made shine the amused eyes of city and rural kids of that time. But today the old Cerro de la Memoria rejuvenates each night wearing multicolor lights from the communication antennas that crown it, like Rey Feo of those carnivals that were the delight of past generations. Here it is and here it will remain and shall remain memory of beings and events that will write new and extraordinary stories of this marvelous region. For now, from its summit, “La Virgen del Valle” still from her stone tenderness, blesses those who come and the travelers passing down there to arrive safely to their destinations. "La Pérgola de Los Mochis" Hanging from the skirt of the “Cerro de la Memoria” like a playful girl, La Pergola de Los Mochis overlooks the city that now reaches its own roots. It wasn’t like this in the year of 1960 over the pool of drinking water it was built to shape the obligatory walk of the families of that time who came to the groves that grow there. It had its time of splendor at the time. The best orchestras and bands with their “music of wind” played from there their best notes and boys and girls of that time enjoyed dancing until dawn. It’s one of those events, in a lively dance of a winter night that burst from that place emerges and since then it has into the talk of friends and strangers, giving to “La Pergola de Los Mochis” that air of mystery that still gives the chills to those who hear it. An outsider young man goes to that dance with some local friends. These guys had their partner but the outsider didn’t. Once into the starry and cold night, this young fellow saw a beautiful and solitary young lady sitting dressed in white. Neither slow nor lazy, he approached her inviting her to dance and with one deep look of her beautiful eyes and an almost expressionless smile she agreed. The visitor immediately fell in love with this young lady of so mysterious beauty. Her black hair matching her eyes of strange dark deepness flitted with the north wind of winter as well as giving a greater air of intrigue. Only one thing did not match with that feminine monument: the cold of her hand and her cheeks that touched in the embrace of the dance. And her voice, though soft, it appear to have a strange eco. At one point she asked the time and he answered: -“it’s 12 o’clock” -“I have to go!” She said letting out a strange trembling tone of her voice. -“I’ll walk you” he gallantly offered. She replied: -“Only to the foot of the steps, you can’t go beyond”. He thought that a family member was waiting for her-“maybe her father came to pick her up” as it was usual in that time- he started to go down the stairs and as he saw her still shaking in an act of greater chivalry took off his coat and put it on her, telling her to take it and that he will pick it up the next day, with the double purpose of seeing her again, asking her and getting her address. They said goodbye, and he saw a greater deepness in her beautiful eyes that this time reflected a deep and distant sadness. The next day at an early hour he went to the indicated address, where he was greeted by a friendly but sad-faced woman. When stating that he was looking for a young lady to whom he mentioned by the name that from her lips he heard the night before, describing her with a beautiful white dress, the woman shocked replied that if it was a joke because that young lady was her daughter, but she had passed away three years ago, just when she was about to turn 18 years old and she would wear a dress like that, which they had bought for the event. Giving to the insistence of the young man, he first stepped into the living room of the house and the woman went looking for the dress that she kept in sad memory and a photograph of her. For him, the impact was brutal because that was the face and same dress he had touched with his hands that cold night. To the amazement and disbelief that he continued to show, the mother agreed to join him in the car to the municipal cemetery. When finally arriving at the tomb where there was a cross with her name, the amazement was even greater, this time for both of them, because there on the tombstone! There was the coat of the young man, like covering from the cold to whom was buried there! They say that for many years he came back to La Pergola of Los Mochis. Until one time he no longer came back. However one cold night of the next December, in the distance the figure of a woman was seen with long hair and dressed in white going down the stairs of La Pergola. She came with her head bowed, like walking sad because she went there and didn’t find what she was looking for. Still on the cold nights of December, there are people who affirm to have seen a mysterious and beautiful woman of long hair and dressed in white, wandering the steps of La Pergola de Los Mochis. Well... Why not? If the cemetery is just across the street... a few meters away. Virtual Reality (VR) Virtual reality images for virtual reality glasses viewing in mobile devices There are no limits to see the world: live the experience by yourself in virtual reality ! Join us ! Little Planet How this Virtual Tour was made The experience of making the spherical photograph of Cerro de la Memoria is extraordinary. It’s an icon of the city from which many stories, legends and anecdotes have generated. Many people come daily to contemplate the beautiful landscapes. After reaching the viewpoint the paved road follows to hundreds of people that go up daily as part of their exercise routine, or to enjoy the fresh morning air, or to share a sunset with a partner, or to thank and commend to la Virgen. Truly the beauty and modernity of Los Mochis and the warmth of its people invite you to come back many time.
Topolobampo. the place where the rainbow ends. Place where the magic of the elements are combined in a universal symphony: wild land of hills with cactus and pitahayas; Blue sky in the day and stars in the night vault. Below, the village attending the imposing presence of the Bay of Ohuira formed by the waters of the Sea of Cortez, where the most varied and rich species boast that today have been worth the recognition of the world's marine sanctuary There began the utopia of the southeast at the end of the century. The last modern epic and the last attempt of pacific colonization of North America. There Albert Kimsey Owen landed with his group of dreamers in pursuit of the dream that would end in terrible failure and whose descendants of foreign surnames nowadays inhabit the neighboring and progressive city of Los Mochis, founded with the birth of the sugar mill, by another American, Benjamin Francis Johnston, who was crowned by the success his presence in these lands. From this place, the railway engineer Albert Kimsey Owen set out on the back of a mule to trace the route that follows the Chihuahua-Pacific railroad on the natural wonder of the Sierra Madre Occidental passing through the Copper Canyon visited year after year by tourists of all the world. The dream of Owen's utopian socialists coming from the United States of America is now realized. From its docks ferries depart that connect the north of Sinaloa with La Paz, B.C. And huge cargo ships that sail the seas of the world with different destinations. Minerals and thousands and thousands of tons of golden grains travel to distant Africa and Asia. Little known is that in this port in the days of revolutionary Mexico was carried out the first naval combat of the world carried out between the gunboat "Guerrero" and the Biplane "Sonora" manned by Captain Gustavo Salinas assisted by the mechanic Teodoro Madariaga. The world also knows of the richness of the marine fauna of the waters that bathe to Topolobampo. Year after year there are hundreds of boats out there to participate in sports tournaments, being known the hill of El Farallón whose basses are famous for the size and variety of the pieces captured. The prophecy and vision of Albert Kimsey Owen, after sleeping his first night under the stars of Topolobampo in 1872 would remain for posterity when he wrote marveling at the spell of this earth: "I left my blankets and walked among the mountain until arriving at the edge of the beach. What a panorama! A whole enclosed sea! I said to myself: If in the morning I find a deep and secure entrance channel from the Gulf of California, here on this bay, it will be the site of a great metropolitan city. On this sea, where a sail is not found today, the ships of all nations will sail and on these plains many families will live happy. The Australian will come here to meet the European, who will come across the continent by rail from the Atlantic. " Virtual Reality (VR) Virtual reality images for virtual reality glasses viewing in mobile devices There are no limits to see the world: live the experience by yourself in virtual reality ! Join us ! Little Planet How this Virtual Tour was made Long ago I had the illusion of doing a photograph of a sunset in Topolobampo. The golden hour and the blue hour reflect in these images beautiful colors of different shades, first highlight the yellows and oranges and then the blue and magenta. Shutter speeds range from five to fifteen seconds to capture information in both shadows and highlights. It was a fantastic afternoon in mid-January with a bit of cold covering me with a light jacket I could comfortably enjoy.