The Main Square of El Fuerte is located in front of the Municipal Palace and next to the Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is a highly visited place by the inhabitants of this city and by the thousands of tourists who come from many places around the world. In the vicinity of this square, there are several restaurant and hotel options, with one of the best being the Posada del Hidalgo Hotel. 

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The Municipality of El Fuerte is located in the north of Sinaloa, bordering Ahome and Choix, and the southern part of the neighboring state of Sonora. It is the birthplace of the indigenous communities of the Yoremes and the Rarámuris, famous for preserving their cultural traditions for generations. 

Fotografía: Miguel Angel Victoria

Over the years, with the arrival of the conquistadors, constructions were built that are still in perfect condition. The Municipal Palace, the House of Culture, the Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Portals, and houses that are now hotels. 

Plaza de Armas

The Yoremes organized religious ceremonies in the Main Square of El Fuerte, which they called “Taste”. 

In this square, groups of tourists also gather who leave on “El Chepe”, as the Chihuahua Pacific Railway is known. They walk through its gardens, monuments, fountains, the wrought iron kiosk, or simply rest on the benches. The route of this train from the Sea of Cortez to the Copper Canyon, which departs from Los Mochis, is very famous. 

Pueblo Magico de El Fuerte

Panoramic Aerial Photography of the Main Square in the Historic Center of the Magical Town of El Fuerte. 

Most travelers prefer to take the train from El Fuerte to visit this beautiful Magical Town, where they engage in various activities. They stroll along its boardwalk, practice fishing or hunting, visit the archaeological zone of Cerro de la Máscara, the El Fuerte Lookout Museum, and some indigenous communities. 

The Main Square of El Fuerte is the heart of this beautiful Magical Town. 

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