The Malecon of Mazatlan Sinaloa is considered one of the longest in the world.

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Know by Virtual Reality The Malecón of Mazatlan

On it can be seen some of the beautiful attractions of Mazatlán just like its beaches, sunsets and the sea.

The Malecon of Mazatlan

Along which can be found monuments , ancient buildings , hotels, restaurants , bars , discos, shops, cinemas, banks , clinics, people, among many other things.

The Malecón of Mazatlán from south to north or north to south has a length of twenty- one kilometers. For Mazatlecos “natives of Mazatlán” their Malecón is the best place for release stress; they cross it daily and always find a reason to be surprised.

The Malecón of Mazatlan
The Malecón of Mazatlan

In each section of the nine that compose it ( Puntilla- Ferry Pier- Touristic Cruisers, Lighthouse, Centennial , Olas Altas , Claussen , Avenida del Mar , Camarónes “Shrimp” Sábalo “chad”, Cerritos, Cerritos-Nuevo Mazatlán ) the different stages of the history of this beautiful tourist destination is reflected.

Marina Mazatlán

Very early in the morning as well in the evenings there are hundreds of locals and visitors who exercise in any of the sections of the Malecón of Mazatlán.

In summer the warm season of Mazatlan, entire families take to the Malecon to enjoy the refreshing breeze of summer evenings, visitors join the nice custom.

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How the Virtual Tour was made

Night shots usually require high sharpness in its entirety and the only way to accomplish this is minimizing the opening of the diaphragm, by doing this we increase the depth of the field, normally I like the image depth around f / 8 and f / 11. The time I settled in these photo spheres was half a second to 25 seconds.

It was a real pleasure to do the virtual tour and walk at night through the beautiful Malecón of Mazatlán, very clean and bright, the scenery is amazing and many families take the opportunity to go for a walk and enjoy all its attractions. 

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English language translation made by Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa through the collaboration of Centro de Estudio de Idiomas Culiacán

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