The structure of the Garmendia Local Market is composed of three naves covered by a metallic surface. With in the facade of the building you can observe traces of eclectic and neoclassical architectural building of the 20th century.

Its front door stands out due to its framing which is done by two pairs of columns of plain shafts, which rise flanking a large semicircular arch sheltered by a triangular pediment with plant ornaments and a detailed cornice.

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Built in the revolutionary period, exactly were the market square had previously been, which by agreement of the City Council on March 12, 1839, the project was soon ordered to go underway forming a square structure.

Garmendia Local Market

This may have been done with some type of material leaving large entries. The square market that appears already reflected in Culiacan topography in 1861.

Due to the new reforms that were underway in the 19th century new building typologies emerged, therefore by the end of that period it had already been warned about the need of construction of a public market for Culiacan, materializing the idea in the beginning of 1910.

Mercado Garmendia

The Garmendia Market is located in the city of Culiacan, Sinaloa, on the Avenue General Domingo Rubi, one block from Obregón Avenue.

According to the dictionary of the Sinaloense culture, a funding of 100 thousand pesos was loaned to the city by the wealthy businessman; Francisco Andrade y Canto , Juan B. Scolari and A.T Krohn .

By decree of December 1, 1909, it was decided to demolish the stalls located in this space, placing the foundation stone of the new building on September 16, 1910 in commemoration of the Centenary Celebrations.

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How this virtual tour was made

The day I made these spherical photographic images I was walking down the street General Angel Flores towards the parking lot where I had left my car, suddenly it started raining and I ran into Garmendia Market so I wouldn’t get wet.

I had not been to the market for many years, I was surprised to see how nice it was. You can notice a very cheerful atmosphere, and the aromas of food from the restaurants are delicious.

Seeing the colors of the fruits, vegetables, the freshness of meat and fish and many other products that are sold there and especially the enthusiasm with which these people work selling their regional products, I wanted to make these images that reflect the effort that every day is carried out by these sinaloenses, which we should feel very proud of.

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English language translation made by Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa through the collaboration of Centro de Estudio de Idiomas Culiacán

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