The construction of the Mocorito Plaza started in 1900 and it was inaugurated under the name of “Hidalgo” in September 16, 1902. The favorite place in each town is their Plaza (small open space in which the town’s festivities take place).

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10 handcarts full of human bones were dug from the due to Spanish religious custom, which was that the burial should be on the churchyards or on the fields near the church. At Mocorito “Magic Town”, there are old houses and buildings that own a historical significance.

Parroquia de la Inmaculada Concepción en el pueblo mágico de Mocorito

Among the most important is Mocorito’s Church, preceded by an adobe chapel built by Spanish people.

This chapel had to be destroyed to start with the construction of a more stable church under the work of Indian people and it was finished until the 17th century.

Due to that, it possesses mix-style architecture: the center of the facade is built of quarry, and the rest of the front part, including the tower, is built of brick. Inside of the church, there are 14 pictures that date back to the 16th century, which represent the ViaCrucis, these have existed for over 400 years.

un grupo de niñas jugando pelota en la Plaza de Mocorito

The favorite place in each town is their Plaza (small open space in which the town’s festivities take place).

The Town possesses other buildings that date back to the same period, which are the churches of Capirato and Comanito. Mocorito has given the example of important historical figures, such as Mrs. Agustina Ramírez, Mr.Eustaquio Buelna and General Rafael Buelna Tenorio.At the Mocorito Plaza, there are three bronze sculptures that represent these three heroic people from Mocorito, and give its name: “La Plaza de los Tres Grandes”.

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How this virtual tour was made

These pictures were taken at 7:00 p.m. at the blue hour, the last moment with light on the sky. There was a family atmosphere at Mocorito Plaza. For those people who like watching sports, there were some volleyball courts where they could enjoy watching some games. Music was listened everywhere.

The visitants’ sight and smell were sweetened with traditional handcrafts and candies, making it an unrepeatable, nice Friday evening. Mocorito’s beauty and its architecture, handcraft and gastronomy’s richness are the perfect excuse to visit the Magic Town.

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