The building that harbors the Sinaloa Art Museum was built in 1837 one block from Obregón Avenue. In its first years was a Town Hall (House for the bishop and senior clerics). After that, it was the Official Residence and the Hall of the Powers of the state.

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There, the endorsement of the constitution was sworn in 1857. Occasionally, the yard was used as theater to present operettas and comedies. In 1890 was remodeled by the Architect Luis F. Molina to change it into the City Hall.

Sinaloa Art Museum

Since 1980 it was used as a local police headquarters. In 1990 was restored to host the Sinaloa Art Museum, the opening of it was on November 21st, 1991.

The Sinaloa Art Museum shelters one of the main plastic heritages from the northwest of Mexico, which is about more than 400 pieces, where the collection of the Mexican School of Painting by the end of the XIX century stands up, even to the present day.

Within the collection a self-portrait of Diego Rivera from 1906 is found, as well as pieces of art of Juan Cordero, Francisco Goitia, Roberto Montenegro, Gerardo Murillo (Dr. Ált), José Luis Cuevas, Lilia Carrillo, Francisco Toledo, Rufino Tamayo, Pedro Coronel and Francisco Moreno Capdevila, among others.

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To get the best illumination from the Sinaloa Art Museum and avoid high contrasts, the majority of the pictures are taken in either the first or last hours of the day.

In this occasion was at three in the afternoon when I did the shots and to avoid the over exposition of the sealing in the shots I did three photographies with two steps of difference in the exposition and PTGui and stitched them in HDR.

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