“Restaurant Casa 46”, a high cuisine restaurant, is one of the best restaurants Around the Plazuela “Machado”. Mazatlan has a lot of tourist attractions, one of which is its gastronomy.

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It is famous for its “aguachile” (a shrimp dish), as well as a famous dish named “pescado zarandeado” (a fish sliced in half prepared with spices and put on top of hot coal to cook).

Casa Machado

Stuffed shrimp as well as “ceviche” a seafood preparation with vegetables. Marlin is also amongst the dishes.

In the center of town is the Plazuela Machado , which is one of the oldest in Mazatlan, built in 1837 under the wishes of a wealthy cloth merchant who specialized in silver and pearls , Don Juan Nepomuceno Machado.

Casa Machado

Throughout the city there are a lot of restaurants that have great prestige.

With the influence of the French and Spanish architecture, there are cafes, theaters, a museum, a hotel and musical events held throughout the year in the recently restored Plaza Machado.

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How the Virtual Tour was made

Inside the restaurant for more detail I used a diaphragm f/11, ISO 100 and for proper exposure shutter speed was 25 seconds as you can see the amount of noise in the picture minimum was, perhaps with some small adjustment in Lightroom.

I made some corrections to the white balance. In the photo sphere where there is a window onto the Plazuela Machado, I did a second take, a 6 seconds (two steps less) and by the technique of selection channels in Photoshop avoided ” burning or exposing” that area. The restaurant architecture is very nice; I hope you enjoy the Virtual Tour it as much as I did.

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English language translation made by Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa through the collaboration of Centro de Estudio de Idiomas Culiacán

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