“Parque Sinaloa”, a wonderful botanical garden that not only delights locals and visitors alike, but also serves as a true climate regulator. Moreover, it gives a sense of identity to the population. 

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Sir Benjamin Francis Jhonston 

Benjamin Francis Johnston, founder of the Los Mochis Sugar Mill and, therefore, of the city itself, never imagined when he collected, wrapped, and carefully tended those small plants and seeds in distant countries to transport them to his immense garden thousands of kilometers away, that this particular garden would become not only an ecological lung but also the pride and symbol of this city and one of the largest in Latin America. 

Parque Sinaloa

At the beginning of the last century, the residents of the American colony, and especially the Jhonston family themselves, already delighted in the shade of the lush and exotic trees and the smell of their flowers. 

From there, the faint musical notes from the grand piano emanated, touched by the hands of Mrs. Johnston, releasing melancholic chords of Chopin and Mozart on warm summer nights, or the cheerful and lively ones from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, which, it was said, were her favorites. 

And in the afternoons… Such a beautiful bird symphony! 

Along the green pathways of dew-kissed grass, tall, Anglo-Saxon children joyfully scampered with shouts in a foreign language and the resounding universal laughter of children from any corner of the world. 

Botanical Garden 

On summer nights, some claim to still hear the foreign voices and laughter, as if those tall, white children were still running around, reclaiming from another dimension their spaces of childish play. 

Thousands and thousands of sparrows gracefully broke their hurried flights while chirping, snuggling up, seeking refuge in the leafy treetops. 

Parque Sinaloa

Then, night descended cautiously, extinguishing the light below so that from above, the vibrant twinkle of the stars bathed the sleeping leaves of the gigantic botanical garden in celestial sparks. 

The Jhonston Mansion 

Others claim that from where the Jhonston Mansion existed—and today only ruins remain—the warm summer breezes once again cleave, on special nights, to the notes of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, making the tall branches of the old trees and the palms “that still kiss the sky” dance again. 

Auditorio del Parque Sinaloa

Here… where in the beautiful sunsets, as the sun sets or in the cool, dewy mornings… or in the tranquil nights filled with the scent of grass and flowers… it smells like magic. It smells like life… it smells like God! 

Other joyful shouts from children, youth, and adults. From many skin colors. From different accents. Those that are heard in this gigantic Parque Sinaloa, today a place for healthy family recreation and special events. 

The Green Nest of Los Mochis, where lungs are purified, and the soul frolics in universal delight. 

Melchor Angulo
Text: Melchor Angulo

Writer and journalist 

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How this Virtual Tour was created 

On a beautiful winter morning before the first rays of light emerged, we arrived at Parque Sinaloa.

We positioned ourselves at the entrance to capture the blues and magentas that arise with great intensity during the blue hour… it’s a magical moment that lasts only about ten minutes… it’s truly a pleasure to start the day this way! 

At this hour, it’s important to be careful with lens cleanliness, as the ambient dew can moisten the lens and cause the image to appear blurred. 

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“Photography: Miguel Ángel Victoria / Sinaloa 360”

English translation made by Camila Campos Juárez, student at PrepaTec Campus Sinaloa. Tecnológico de Monterrey.

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