Gilberto Ceceña Nuño is one of the communicators with more presence in Sinaloa.  Its most known activity is Cartonista Editorial in the newspapers Noroeste of Sinaloa with the title of “Cizañas de Ceceña”.

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Know by Virtual Reality The Cave of Tal Ceceña

Ceceña recognizes that this activity does not take more than an hour daily, but it is the one with social influence that most satisfies him.  We convinced him to show it on his ink in his Creative Studio of his house, in the middle of a lush garden where he recognizes that more flowers than ideas are born.

Gilberto Ceceña ́s DNA

Gilberto Ceceña began in the editorial board at age 17 in the newspaper El Debate of Los Mochis and arrived in Northwest on the day of its inauguration on September 7, 1973. 

Gilberto Ceceña

Gilberto Ceceña began in the world of advertising in 1973 also in Los Mochis, a profession that until today he practices.

Gilberto Ceceña Nuño is therefore the cartoonist and active publicist with more mileage in Sinaloa thanks to his self-taught training, since he has not stopped studying and updating. He has won state and national awards for journalism and advertising, but that’s another story.

Gilberto Ceceña says that to make changes in his community it’s no longer enough to be a journalist, it is also necessary to be an activist.

Gilberto Ceceña

For this reason, it is frequently to see him participate as a promoter and adviser of movements and institutions that seek the common good.

Despite so many activities and interests, he gives himself time to himself in his family, his friends and especially in himself, recognizing that he is very introverted. He considers that his social and professional mission is reduced to five words; “Helping those who will help”. 

As the protagonist, it takes away a lot of time that can be invested in supporting others. Gilberto Ceceña Nuño is, in a few words, the essence derived from his family formation, his best communicating friends and his accomplices in the projects of common good.

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How this Virtual Tour was made

Entering Gilberto Ceceña’s Studio to make these spherical photographs was a magical moment for me.

Knowing the place where the cartons that we have read for many years have been made, where your Cartoonist imagination has been inspired by the daily events in our community, it really was a very pleasant experience. 

The first 360 photograph I made at noon, when the sun was in peak and did not generate hard shadows inside. 

The second one I made at 8:00 a.m. in the golden hour, precisely to have a soft light and to emphasize the yellow and orange tones. This time use a Nikon SB-910 flash at 1/128 power and three meters away.

Gilberto’s studio is located very close to the Parroquia Santa Inés, where we also did a virtual tour.

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