The Port of Mazatlán was in celebration when it welcomed the world’s largest ship for automobile transportation at the end of August. We’re referring to the Höeg Target, a Norwegian vessel that is two hundred meters in length, which equals twice the size of a soccer field.  

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It arrived at six in the morning from the port of Tokyo, Japan, carrying a cargo of over 2,100 vehicles. Nissan is the proprietor of the Kanda manufacturing plant, situated in the north of Tokyo. This company assembled these vehicles before shipping them to Nissan’s facility in Aguascalientes. To make for a special welcome for the Hoëg Target and its crew, the Mazatlán Port Administration organized a grand welcoming event. 

Administración Portuaria Integral de Mazatlán

The host for the occasion was Alfonso Gil Díaz, the director of the Mazatlán Port Administration, who was joined by important executives of the shipping company.  

We were informed that the Höeg Target has a transportation capacity of over 8,500 vehicles, and is also utilized for transporting trucks and heavy machinery. This is the largest ship ever to dock at a Mexican port, since it was previously unable to pass through the Panama Canal due to its immense size.  

Thanks to the construction of the new Panama Canal, the Höeg Target will be able to return to Mazatlán while it’s sailing through the Atlantic Ocean. 

Administración Portuaria Integral de Mazatlán

Other shipping companies with large cargo volumes are looking into the possibility of utilizing this port of the Pacific Ocean.   

This was my second time having the opportunity to witness ships arriving at the Mazatlán Port Administration. The first time was during the arrival of four cruise ships. The arrival of the Höeg Target was a noteworthy event for Mazatlán, and I consider myself truly fortunate to have been invited to capture these photos. 

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When creating virtual tours of tall structures or objects, such as the Höeg Target ship, it’s recommended to raise the camera to approximately three meters in height using the Nodal Ninja Travel Pole. This helps minimize the view of the ground. 

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English translation made by Casandra Gallegos Ocegueda, student at PrepaTec Campus Sinaloa. Tecnológico de Monterrey

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