Gulls of graceful flight weave figures on the sky of El Maviri, while beneath those same waters also the life of a rich range of marine species. This small island, whose name comes from The Cahita or Yoreme-Mayo, and is actually “Baviri”. It’s next to the port of Topolobampo and a few minutes from Los Mochis, also bathes in the Sea of Cortez.

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Sanctuary of the Osprey

A true sanctuary of the osprey, and of the bat in its entrance exists a famous and protected cave already.  This fragment of land and sand is a busy place of walks for the neighbors of all the region and the visitors of many other places. The magnificent of a daybreak, the sand in its beaches fulfill with the Golden rising sun.

Still virgin in terms of tourist development, El Maviri, offers the visitor that feeling of the natural in all senses of the word.

El Maviri

And the feeling of indigenous presences, original owners, who still care for their beloved land before the curious intrusion of The Yoris who visit it.

More than a hundred seafood dishes

Then, life over the water effervesces of squawking and flapping. During the day, the cool maritime air is filled with aromas that are a gastronomic temptation.  It is said that there are more than a hundred fish and seafood dishes (shrimp, aguachiles, ceviches, etc.) that are prepared in the abundant restaurants (some simple bundles) of the island.

El Maviri

But above all of them stands out the popular “tossed fish”, a true delicacy prepared with coal that constitutes a gastronomic pride of the local restaurants. 

Sunsets painted by the divine brush

In the evenings when the Angels flock to the seashore – The Maviri offers a true spectacle of the creation of the world: sunsets painted by the divine brush and palette. 

With extraordinary shades of reds, oranges and winks of light that make it a place of admiration and reflection to make the pupil marvel … and relax the Soul. 

All this happens while the island, silently, observes entertaining to its little brother, the Farallón, that floats through the centuries, there, in the blue waters of the Sea of Cortez.

Text: Melchor Angulo

Writer and journalist 

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How this Virtual Tour was made

The photograph of a beach like El Maviri, where we find besides the landscape, a splendid sun and sky can appear very flat, very two-dimensional. 

Try to do different tests by varying the perspective (shoot from higher or lower and you will get completely different results), vary your position to show one or other distribution of rocks, etc.

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