“Today’s dawn in Culiacán was a different one, you could breathe and feel a scent of hope. With the first rays of the sun, families arrived at the Pink Army Race. Women, children, and men, all wearing their pink shirts with great affection. More than 1600 people walked and ran today with the purpose of providing support and sending a message of love and hope to people with cancer.” 

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Know by Virtual Reality “Tracing the Path of Hope”

The “Malecón de Culiacán”, in the area of Parque Las Riberas, was dressed in pink. Today we are all “Pink Army”, warriors of heart in the fight against cancer. THANK YOU, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! to you who are a brave and generous heart, who ran for your mom, your sister, your friend, your wife, your daughter, your grandmother, for women… infinite thanks for your nobility and challenging spirit in running 3, 5, and 10 kilometers. 

Carrera "Yo Contra el Cancer" de Pink Army

The place is full, packed, and the notes of the music that accompany the choreography of this second edition of the Pink Army race begin.   

Pink Army – Color Esperanza

At exactly 7 o’clock, with the first rays of the sun illuminating the “hopeful blue” dome. Where knowing that it’s possible and wanting it to be possible makes all those gathered there challenge the future with their hearts, reminding us of Diego Torres’ music… color esperanza. It’s time to start warming up, and there’s no room for more. 

Carrera "Yo Contra el Cancer" de Pink Army
Carrera “Yo Contra el Cancer” de Pink Army

Today we miss Itzel Navidad, a warrior who left us just a few months ago, but we feel that her spirit of struggle and solidarity is here. You haven’t gone, Itzel, because you left this seed planted that we see today in a pink tree of good wishes, where participants left their messages of love for those who were their inspiration to compete and socialize today. 

Carrera "Yo Contra el Cancer" de Pink Army

The Culiacán community came out to say, in peace, that it is possible and that no one is fighting alone because today we were one and the same, with the same purpose, the same idea, and purpose. 

That pink tree, emblematic, was the frame that accompanied the beautiful backdrop of the Tamazula River to witness the photographs of the Pink Army Race that you will see in this image report through our photo gallery of Sinaloa360. 

The people of Culiacán are good people, hardworking, enthusiastic, supportive, entrepreneurial, and also of great heart. Once again, it was demonstrated that we embrace common causes, that we surround with affection and support those who are vulnerable, those who suffer, and those who fight. Thank you Culiacán, thank you families! 

The dawn of today in Culiacán was a different dawn, you could breathe and feel an aroma of hope. 

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How this Virtual Tour was made

There were many people in motion, and when stitching the images in PTGui, in each shot, everyone’s position was completely different. By using layers and masks and after very detailed work, a good result can be achieved. 

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“Photography: Miguel Angel Victoria / Sinaloa 360”

English translation made by Andrei Mendoza Acosta, student at PrepaTec Campus Sinaloa. Tecnológico de Monterrey.

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