Vado Hondo is a natural park located in the municipality of Cosalá, at the center of Sinaloa. On our planet, human beings have long enjoyed the beauties that exist arround them.  

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Having witnessed everything that can be observed. There are different places of special beauty in our country that make mexicans feel proud. 


In the state of Sinaloa we have countless beautiful places like Vado Hondo.  

Which is why the federal government, through the Secretary of Tourism has named in Sinaloa four Pueblos Mágicos. Of which, the first one is the Pueblo Mágico of Cosalá.

Cosalá, as the meaning of its name indicates, “Place of pretty surroundings”, has a series of tourist sites that makes us unique.  


Among them, we have the only grottoes that exist in the State: Las Grutas del Tesoro, which have hot springs.

Historic towns like Guadalupe de los Reyes and San José de las Bocas. And a dam called José López Portillo “El Comedero”, among other pretty places. But without doubt, Vado hondo is like the cherry on top of the cake. It is a spot of exuberant beauty, framed by tropical vegetation.  

In addition to impressive sabinos, located 12 km from the Parroquia of Santa Ursula in the municipal head, 9 of them paved and 3 dirt roads in good condition. To its three beautiful waterfalls, the cave, the salto and that of the late Petra, are added to the excitement of the Zipline ride. 

It has grills, changing rooms, toilets and games for children, which allow visitors to have a pleasant stay in the company of their partner, family or friends. 

It is an appropriate place to practice swimming, hiking, to take photographs. The observation of flora and fauna and above all relaxing in contact with nature. 

Dr. Marcos C. Santos Quintero

Text: Dr. Marcos C. Santos Quintero

Turism Director of Cosalá

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How this virtual tour was made 

We traveled along a dirt road, small towns with houses full of flowers. An incredible landscape with crop fields and cattle ranches. 

We arrived at Vado Hondo mid-morning. We went up a small path accompanied by a friendly guide until we reached the waterfall area. There we began our photographic work. 

Vado Hondo is one of those places that makes you want to return many times in the company of friends and family. 

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Our photos have “Creative Commons“ license. This license allows you to use our photos, without needing permission, legally. When using the photos, the only requirement is that you provide credit as follows: 

“Photography: Miguel Angel Victoria / Sinaloa 360”

English translation made by Daniela Figueroa Bejarano, student at PrepaTec Campus Sinaloa. Tecnológico de Monterrey.

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