Vía Láctea in Isla Cortés at Altata, Sinaloa

Mario Carvajal Fotógrafo

We went to the Beach Club of Isla Cortés at Altata, Sinaloa, Mexico.
We chose the Friday, November 13, 2015, as the date to go see the milky way at the beach.
We invite you to enjoy so sublime moment.

How to take a photo of the milky way

It is much easier than you think.
But it is necessary to have the right equipment.
The first thing is to have a tripod.
The camera must be motionless, absolutely still while taking the photo.
Without a tripod, it would be impossible to take it.
Then, it is important to have an ultra lens wide angle.
For example, a lens of less than 20 mm.
And if you are a fisheye, fantastic also.
But if you have a 35 mm lens, you probably won’t get an interesting coverage for your photography.

The camera also has an effect.
It is preferable to having full format, full frame cameras, although it is not essential.

These cameras will probably a sensor with better performance, and you can use a high ISO.
Finally, a remote shutter release will be a very good idea, but if you don’t, you can put your camera timer.
If you have the proper equipment, the camera settings will be very simple: everything in manual, open as open as possible, e.g. f2.8 would be ideal.
A high ISO, e.g. 3200 is fine. Trip time, depends on the focal length: between higher angularity, longer can shoot.
You can be in the famous “the 500 rule”…
You split 500 between the focal length and that will be the maximum number of seconds that can shoot your photo.
In such a way that the stars don’t let trail or trail… I.e., if you are going to shoot with a 17 mm lens, the maximum time would be 29 seconds.
And ready!
Have fun taking photos of the Milky…

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Little Planet

Milky in island courts
Milky in island courts

How was this virtual tour made

El equipo utilizado para realizar este tour fue el siguiente:

  • Cámara Nikon D800
  • Lente Sigma 8 mm ojo de pez
  • Rótula Nodal Ninja NN4
  • Trípode Manfrotto 190
  • Disparador remoto

El software de procesado de esta imagen fue:

  • Lightroom para procesar los archivos RAW
  • PTGui para realizar el cosido de la imagen
  • Photoshop para ajustes generales y locales
  • PanoTour Pro para la generación del tour virtual

Can I see the milky way in Mexico? Really?

Can I see the milky way in Mexico?
Yes of course! And not only in Mexico… in any other country.
This is not an exclusive phenomenon of privileged countries.
You will only need these conditions:

  1. Stay away from the light pollution of cities
  2. Choose a day with new moon (or wait a moment when the Moon sets)
  3. Cloudless sky of clouds.

Would you like to use this virtual tour in your website?

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  • To Share- copy, distribute, execute and use the artwork publicly.
  • To Make derivative works.
  • To Use the artwork for commercial purposes.

This means that you must assign the credits of the work in the following way:

"Vía Lactea en Isla Cortés, Fotografía (cc): Mario Carvajal"

You need to copy the following code and paste the link in your website:

Licencia de Creative Commons
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