I feel very honored to have been chosen to share with you some of the stories that I have witnessed.

Although I am a bit young at the Sinaloa Campus of Tec de Monterrey, I know that many generations dreamt of me…

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Know by Virtual Reality The Sinaloa Campus of Tec de Monterrey

Many of them are alumni today, and I own a showcase full of trophies that reminds me of their student life.

Most of the activities at the Student Affairs Office (DAE) of the Sinaloa Campus of Tec de Monterrey took place in the hallways and gardens. Even on the stairs of the high school and professional buildings.

Song Festivals

During that time, musical chords echoed as they tried to harmonize for the first Song Festivals. Tuneful voices joined with choreography in musical theater rehearsals; easels and backdrops were filled with colors.

Student groups emerged at the Sinaloa Campus of Tec de Monterrey, and athletes left their mark on the fields.

ITESM Campus Culiacán

Finally, the dream of having a Student Center at the Sinaloa Campus of Tec de Monterrey would become a beautiful reality.

I still remember the month of May 2003; my doors opened for the first time. I welcomed with great joy all those enthusiastic young people who filled my emptiness with their talent, their passion for art, and sports. As time passed, they realized how important and necessary I was in their lives.

“Here I am today, as always… enjoying the student life that emerges with each student and alumni of the Sinaloa Campus of Tec de Monterrey”

Tec de Monterrey Student Center

My spaces had to be modified so that all visitors felt fulfilled in each of their activities. When I observe what happens in each classroom or lobby, it fills me with satisfaction to see them strengthened as human beings and having learned to develop skills and competencies for life.

ITESM Campus Culiacán

I have become a home for many of them; here, they share their joys and sorrows, celebrate victories, and learn from their defeats.

Some find the love of their life or forge cherished friendships; others discover their vocation for art and are now professional artists.

Dance Hall

Undoubtedly, each space holds special memories. My walls and mirrors have witnessed millions of hours of rehearsals in the dance hall, the emotions generated in auditions, and how each dancer demonstrates a positive attitude in the face of any challenge. Different rhythms have been heard in the music room; its notes and chords harmonize perfectly, making everyone who enters forget their problems and find themselves.

ITESM Campus Culiacán

Colors come to life in the painting studio, where creativity knows no bounds in reinventing itself over and over.

The voices heard in the singing hall have pleasantly surprised me, blending with theatrical exercises and intense monologues full of emotions and feelings. I enjoy the pride of our roots when I hear the notes of  “El Sinaloense” or “El Sauce y La Palma” with young people tapping their feet and elegantly displaying their folk dance costumes. But not everything is art in my life; athletes also visit me, and it is here where they train to improve their performance on the field.

Congresses and Camps

Did you know that many leadership congresses and camps have been planned here? I have the opportunity to hear thousands of ideas from the leaders of the Sinaloa Campus of Tec de Monterrey—enthusiastic young people who, in addition to being entrepreneurs, carry human values as their banner and join various causes to support and provide help to those in need. Young people who decided to transform lives by transforming their own, leaving a mark with their activities and experiences.

ITESM Campus Culiacán

Here, they discover that their best competition is with themselves, that teamwork strengthens them, and that humility makes them greater.

I have a luxury wall, called the ‘Queens’ Gallery.’ It’s a space where talented women stay forever through a portrait, but more importantly, they have transcended through their actions for the benefit of society.

Many of them say that I am everything in their lives because I transformed them, although it is truly they who give me life, and without them, my work and that of the coordinators of the different Student Affairs areas would not be possible. Welcome, all of you, to this 360 gallery where you can enjoy my interior and see in every glance, gesture, and action of the students, everything that makes me vibrate every day.

I am the Student Center of Tec de Monterrey.

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How the Virtual Tour was Made

Using the ‘File Replacement’ tool in PTGui, I incorporated two images with different exposures. In the windows of the Sinaloa Campus of Tec de Monterrey, the lighting was very intense, contrasting significantly with the interior. I processed the images of the interior with the correct exposure and then replaced the overexposed image with a photograph that was two steps underexposed. The result… perfect…”

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English translation made by Carlos Alberto García Leyva, student at PrepaTec Campus Sinaloa. Tecnológico de Monterrey

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