Sinaloa Symphonic Orchestra of the Arts (OSSLA)

In Sinaloa we have the Symphonic Orchestra of the Arts (OSSLA). It came to transform the cultural life, not only of Sinaloa, but also the northwest part of Mexico.  It is celebrating its XV anniversary, in 2016. The Orquesta Sinfónica Sinaloa of the arts plays an important role in the construction of human work. By […]

The municipality of San Ignacio

San Ignacio de Piaxtla was part of the five main mayorships in which Sinaloa was divided. Remaining inside the San José de Cópala authority, along with the towns that currently belong to the municipality. Which are: Santa Apolonia, Ajoya, San Agustín, San Juan, Cabazán and San Javier. In 1732, with the establishment of the sole […]

Volaris flight Culiacan – Phoenix

The cities of Culiacán, Sinaloa, México and Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A. are joined with the opening of the commercial flight that gives the opportunity to connect with 122 direct flights from different parts of the world On May 27, 2016, in the middle of a warm environmental climate and framed in the dynamism of the beginning […]

The Impressive International LoneStar

Navistar’s International® brand celebrates 20 years in the Mexican market and is celebrating with the arrival of the International Truck LoneStar®. This model has a classic-retro look on its exterior, in addition to its functional advances in its interior that makes a whole experience for the driver.  Behind the steering wheel, the truck offers comfortable […]

The Maviri, where the sun rises and sets in

Gulls of graceful flight weave figures on the sky of El Maviri, while beneath those same waters also the life of a rich range of marine species. This small island, whose name comes from The Cahita or Yoreme-Mayo, and is actually “Baviri”, next to the port of Topolobampo and a few minutes from Los Mochis, […]

Plazuela Machado in Mazatlan

Plaza Machado is one of the most ancient in Mazatlán. Historical records show it was built, in 1837, with the economic support of a rich storekeeper of cloth, silver and pearls, Juan Nepomuceno Machado. The plaza was originally built with a concourse which was surrounded with 36 majestic stone benches and leafy orange trees, being […]

Parish of the sacred heart of Jesus in ElDorado, Sinaloa

El Dorado is a town located at the center of Culiacan, exactly at San Lorenzo Valley.  It connects at North to Costa Rica, at East to Quila, at South to Emiliano Zapata and El Golfo de California, and at West to El Golfo de California. Eldorado has 22 communities in its 226.47 square miles of […]