The Frida Kahlo Art Gallery was inaugurated on May 8, 1997, and serves as an exhibition space for the expositions of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa. It also hosts events such as book presentations, poetry readings, and music concerts, among other activities. It is situated across from the Central Building of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa.

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Since 1997, it has served as the venue for the University Biennial and housed the University Art Collection. The exhibition schedule features collective and solo exhibitions by university artists and renowned local, national, and international artists.

Galería de Arte Frida Kahlo

The exhibition ‘The Color is Ours’ featuring 31 international artists was inaugurated at the Frida Kahlo Art Gallery.

The exhibition features 83 works of art made with oil, acrylic, mixed media, resins, woodcuts, palette knives, printmaking, sculpture, and airbrush techniques by artists from Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, and Mexico.

Jorge Luis Hurtado Reyes

Text: Jorge Luis Hurtado Reyes

Director and Creative of the Project

The old house of the Bátiz y Bátiz family

In the late 19th and early 20th century, it was the residence of Mr. Eduardo Bátiz y Bátiz, the brother-in-law of the state governor, General Francisco Cañedo.

He was also the brother of Mr. Juan de Dios Bátiz y Bátiz, the father of Engineer Juan de Dios Bátiz Paredes, who founded the National Polytechnic Institute and was a respected soldier of the revolution.

During his military campaigns, he accompanied General Rafael Buelna Tenorio, also known as “El Granito de Oro” (The gold granite) and was educated in the classrooms of the then Rosales Civil College.

Galería Frida Kahlo

This building is situated at the opposite corner of Rosales Square, on the southwest side.

The property was formerly known as “La Casa Verde” (The Green House). It was formerly the home of Engineer Enrique Pea Alcalde and his wife, Mrs. Veneranda Bátiz Paredes, the first female professional graduate of what is now the Autonomous University of Sinaloa, with a degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

In 1998, the state government acquired it from the owners, the family of the historian Rina Cuéllar Zazueta, in order to donate it to the university. The Frida Kahlo Gallery occupied a circular building constructed in the 1960s in the central part of the town square, precisely where the gazebo stands today.

Lic. Jaime Félix Pico

Text: Lic. Jaime Félix Pico

Cultural Promoter and Chronicler

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In museum photography, achieving the highest color fidelity in the images is crucial.

A fundamental tool to accomplish this is the use of the professional calibration card brand ColorChecker, manufactured by the company X-Rite.

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