In 1837, the first Seminary of Culiacán was founded under the name of National and Tridentine Seminary College of Sonora., with Bishop José Lázaro de la Garza y Ballesteros leading the diocese.

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A two-floor colonial style building was planned. The bishop financed The Seminary property from his own funds, working as an architect and construction worker himself. He was aided by priests from Badiraguato and Imala, who sent him stones on wooden pallets across the Humaya and Tamazula rivers.

Seminario de Culiacán

This was without a doubt the finest building constructed in its time, and along with the Cathedral they are now a symbol of our state.

During the revolution, the church’s goods passed to the government’s hands, which gave them a distinctive use from the one that had motivated their creation. It once held the Francisco I. Madero Hospice and the State Government Palace; it now serves as the Culiacán Municipal Council’s headquarters.

“Tierra Blanca” or “White Land”

The Seminary of Culiacan is in a rented big house on Angel Flores Street. A new seminary began construction in the Tierra Blanca neighborhood in April 1948. Under priest Manuel Orozco Madrigal’s responsibility. At the beginning of 1950, the transfer to the new headquarters took place.

Seminario de Culiacán

It was planned to construct a new building in the North of Culiacán, at kilometer 11.5 of the International Highway, to house the Culiacán Seminary.

New seminary

During the time of Monsignor Isidro Guerrero’s rectorship, a project was planned for the construction of a new building to house the seminary of Culiacán, found at the north of Culiacan, in kilometer 11.5 of International Highway number 15. The land was donated by Mr. Germán Rosas and Mr. Ernesto Echavarría.

Seminario de Culiacán

In 1994 the bishop Benjamin Jiménez Hernández placed the first stone. The first students from the major seminary moved to the new building in May 1955, leaving their earlier training center in TierraBlanca neighborhood. On December 1st, 1997, the junior seminary section came into operation to start the 1998-1999 school year

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How this Virtual Tour was made

To make this virtual tour I visited a day before the seminary of Culiacan to plan the spherical photographs I would take during the blue hour and the golden hour. During sunrise the celestial vault creates beautiful lighting in blue and magenta tones. In some photos I used a 3-meter tall Nodal Ninja pole.

I’m grateful to the seminary rector, Father Eduardo León Galindo, for his support in carrying out this project, and I congratulate them for the great work they are doing for the benefit of our community. The seminary’s facilities, as you may observe in these images are beautiful, modern and highly functional.

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English translation made by María José Balcázar Gamboa, student at PrepaTec Campus Sinaloa. Tecnológico de Monterrey

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