La Primavera is a satellite city of the city of Culiacan. Integrally planned with long term vision. The origins of the Urban Development La Primavera have three main events:

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In 1968 the Irrigation District N°74 was inaugurated, right bank of the River San Lorenzo that included the work of the San Lorenzo Canal and La Primavera dam. As part of the hydraulic system of the North (PLINO) to carry water in between the canals, by gravity, from the basins of the South of Sinaloa to North.

La Primavera
La Primavera

On the south there’s more water, less land suitable for irrigation and in the north less water and more land. When a canal had to pass through a depression in the land, it was more economic to build a dam, and form a lake that serves as a bridge.

Many lakes emerged this way, one of them being La Primavera

In 1993, under the government of Salinas, article 27 of the constitution was changed to include the Agrarian Reform Law. The ejidatarios were given the option to assume full ownership of their land, make them private and be able to sell them. That’s how a series of 7 ejidos offered their plots and we were adquiring them. Without this change, it wouldn’t exist.

By chance, we encountered two great urban architects: Bill Phillips and Michael Doty. They became interested, thoroughly acquainted themselves with the location, and provided us with an outstanding project. This project later received recognition in an international competition, securing the first place in a regional competition for the Pacific basin.

Enrique Coppel Luken
La Primavera
La Primavera

What does La Primavera consist of?

It’s a land of approximately 800 has… that surrounds the lake of La Primavera, of 270 has. Everything is fenced and surrounded by fast roads, that permits the people to pass La Primavera on the side without entering.

Inside there’s fast roads, like a free-way (economic) type that permits circulation without stops, without traffic lights, from one side to the other, without passing in front of houses.

Then there’s the neighborhoods with internal fences, a guard house in the entrance for the homes, with narrow streets, curves, which prevents driving at high speed. They also have a small commercial center for basic needs.

La Primavera

Each neighborhood has its own construction rules, and in the prime location, there is a clubhouse with a pool and sports courts, providing residents with the opportunity to engage in sports activities. 

There are 26 streams inside, just two of them have slow flow of water, the rest only when it rains. These were enlarged, paved, and planted with trees and they have a walkway that goes from the lake to the perimeter fence.

With a zone of 10 meters wide around the lake, from the shoulder, that is the common area and they also have asphalt or concrete paths. Together they form a pedestrian network, to be walked by foot, bike, skateboard, motorcycle, horses, everything is permitted.

Star Trail in La Primavera

Star Trail con 301 fotografías

This huge network combines all of the neighborhoods, and we can go from one to another without crossing the roads. The lake itself was conformed, 3 million cubic meters of land were moved so the lots would face the lake could have a slope suitable for the boats.

At the same time 2 large inhabited islands were made, and 6 smaller for birds and trees, at the end there is 15 kilometers in front of the water. The principal points of destiny are direct access to water, it’s possible to move in wave runner, boat, sailboats, kayak, etc., from one side to the other. That’s how 3 networks are connected: land vehicles, of people and aquatica.

Environmental Care

A fundamental part is the trees, there are more than 150,000 trees have been planted. They are drip or pipe irrigated, and all are registered with their three coordinates on the plans. The trees in street areas cannot be so big, and they have a uniformity.

In the highways, streams, lake shores, parks, and clubhouse areas, the largest trees and palms in the region were planted.

To enjoy the outdoor areas in Culiacan it is necessary: To be in a safe environment, not to be assaulted or kidnapped day and night. To have pleasant spaces, walkways, sports courts, water… Lots of shade, ventilation. And that it is accessible to walk in front of your house.


Many animals used to live here, and with the large number of trees there are now many more. A Belgian photographer took pictures of 90 different birds, a digital archive exists. Some are migratory. There are fish, carp, tilapia, catfish, bass. Iguanas, rabbits, rabbits, hares, rattlesnakes, tarantulas, toads, deer, ocelots, coyotes, crocodiles, etc.

Those who exercise, walking, or cycling, can frequently admire a great variety of animals.

Industrial areas are planned within the project. Already more than 4,000 people work in factories every day. And also commercial areas, and offices, about 8,000 people work here (2016). Areas that serve the condominiums and thus do not need to leave. There are the corporate offices of the main companies.

Un campo de golf, construidos 9 hoyos que se desarrolló en los terrenos más adecuados y que permiten que miles de casas puedan tener su vista a una hermosa área verde. Las viviendas se construyen al gusto de cada familia. La primera familia llegó en el 2000, y en el 2016 ya la habitan más de mil.

La Primavera
La Primavera

There are building and land use regulations that allow for a certain degree of harmony. There are no exterior advertisements. Most of the houses do not have fences, and thisallows you to enjoy the architecture and gardens of the houses.

There is an environment that promotes great human values, sports, and family life. The sale is not promoted by mass media, it is by invitation only and a committee accepts newcomers. The growth is little by little.

We have two schools from kindergarten to high school with a high level of education. Many children and young people walk, bike, or ride motorcycles to get to school.

Why does La Primavera exist?

We can say that it is the dream we all have of living in a safe, pleasant place, with all the right services. In great freedom and harmony among the condominium owners, with the city of Culiacan and with nature. Being the modern city prone to acts of violence, robberies, kidnappings, traffic problems, pollution, etc.

Here is an alternative that solves most of the problems of the cities. It is likely that over time the current cities will have more problems and that over time it will make La Primavera a better place to live every year.

The difference will increase. Little do we see the positive effect this physical environment can have on the development and future of the families that live here. But we are likely to be amazed. Time will tell.

Fotografía: Miguel Angel Victoria

Services in La Primavera

Services that Primavera itself built and that the condominium owners maintain and operate. Drinking water. Water for irrigation and a sprinkler system that operates every night. Drainage: Treatment outsourced to the city. Electricity – Transformers, all subway. Highest quality telephony. Natural gas network. Cablevision. Peripheral electric circuit with services and alarms.

La Primavera

Perimeter walls of 4 meters in concrete and 2 meters in each neighborhood. 24-hour surveillance, video cameras, sensors. Highly efficient storm drainage.

Clubhouse in each neighborhood. Gardens and sports courts, green areas, maintained by the condominium. Night lighting, etc. It turns out that living in La Primavera also has these benefits: About two degrees less temperature.

We use 2 months less air conditioning.Electricity and water savings. The gardens are irrigated with non-potable water. Savings on sports club dues. Savings in reduction of theft of vehicles (does not happen), of houses (happens but few cases).

Housing for most families is the main asset and it is normal in the city that it loses its value over time. This does not happen in La Primavera, due to respect for land use regulations. Everyone lives more outside, healthier, better quality of life.

Enrique Coppel Luken

Text: Enrique Coppel Luken

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How this Virtual Tour was made

At Sinaloa360, we began with a Phantom 3 drone to create aerial spherical photography, capturing images of one of the most beautiful places in Culiacán… La Primavera, an urban development just twenty minutes from Culiacán Cathedral.

It was the rainy season, and the hills and countryside displayed an intense green color. The sky was covered with dark clouds, creating very gentle contrasts. Nowadays, we also have a Mavic 3 Classic drone.

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