The Country Club has one of the most beautiful golf courses in the Mexican Pacific, named “Las Iguanas”. Currently golfing is a very popular sport practice in Culiacan.

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Know by Virtual Reality the Country Club de Culiacán

It’s named that because of the enormous quantity of iguanas that climb the trees. There they lay in the sun and feed on insects and worms, becoming a big attraction to players and visitors.

Country Club de Culiacán

In fact, at the Country Club there is a permanent conservation program for these reptiles in an iguanary, where there is a terrarium in which the females lay their eggs.

They are totally harmless, their nails are designed for climbing and that is why gloves should be used to handle them with your hands.

The Country Club is located in one of the most beautiful commercial areas of the city, on Blvd. Pedro Infante. The Sinaloa Campus of Tec de Monterrey, the Parish of Santa Inés and the automotive corridor are located in this area.

History of the Country Club

It is recorded in the history of the club that the firsts to promote this sport in a small group were Mr. Emilio Senac and Mr. Oscar Felix, who in 1955 improvised modest facilities in the Chapultepec neighborhood.

Country Club de Culiacán

The love for golf quickly began to grow and the Lomas de Culiacán Golf Club emerged, thanks to the donation of some land.

Finally, in 1966, what is currently the Culiacán Country Club was built. In addition to the golf course, there is an important area to practice other sports.

There are several perfectly illuminated tennis courts for those who like to play in the early morning or at night, impeccable and well maintained swimming pools, a gym and spacious locker rooms.

Country Club de Culiacán

To eat there are two options, a cafeteria, with famous burgers, and a first-class restaurant with a great view of the golf course.

There is also a large room for events and a slightly smaller one in front of the pools. For dining there are two options, a cafeteria, with famous burgers, and a first-class restaurant with a great view of the golf course.

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How this Virtual Tour was made

One Sunday morning, after a day of intense rain, I was on the golf course of the Culiacán Country Club, taking 360 spherical photographs to create this virtual tour.

I really liked the colors of the landscape, all the trees and plants were still wet and a pleasant aroma was perceived all throughout the place. Fortunately it was no longer raining and I was able to fly the Phantom 3 drone.

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English translation made by Alicia Lineth Medina Yáñez, student at PrepaTec Campus Sinaloa. Tecnológico de Monterrey.

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