December 16 was a festive day in Mazatlan, on this day, the arrival of the Touristic Cruisers: Crown Princess, MS Veendam, Grand Princess and Norwegian Jewel, coincided at the captivating Pacific Harbour. Event which had not happened again since December in 2010.

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Know by Virtual Reality Touristic Cruisers at Mazatlan

The most popular beaches in Mazatlán are: “Olas Altas”, which is the oldest, “North” beach that surrounds the Malecon. “Gaviotas” and “Camaron Sabalo” at the hotel zone, and the calm beaches “Cerritos” and “Bruja”, form a various miles tour of golden sand, warm waves and amazing sceneries.

Administración Portuaria de Mazatlán

Beautiful beaches at Pacific coast are the main attraction of tourism in Mazatlan.

More adventurous people can take a catamaran at the port and visit the ecological reserve at the three islands or the mythical “Isla de la Piedra”.

The hill “Cerro de la Neveria” offers one of the best panoramic views of the city and the hill “Cerro del Creston” keeps one of the highest lighthouses from all over the world.

Administración Portuaria de Mazatlán

Thousands of visitors from all around the world take a tour at its surroundings, where restaurants, jewelry shops, museums, theaters and other places can be found.

Mazatlan has various touristic places to visit. One of them, Plaza Machado, is the most attractive in the city; surrounded by historical places where to feel connected with the happy and traditional lifestyle from Sinaloa.

Another touristic place, which must be visited, is the public square Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada. A tip hill known as “Punta de los clavadistas”, where every sunset a diving show is performed (on the sea) by athletes that can be appreciated by the crowd.

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How this Virtual Tour was made

At the touristic cruise port (Mazatlan Port Administration) we met a festive atmosphere; in a perfect harmony, all the staff got prepared to receive the four ships and thousands of passengers, which attended different tours around the city.

My friend, Dr. Hilda Inukai, Secretary of Economic Development, full of professionalism and enthusiasm as always, got us the license to make it possible to do this virtual tour. Due to that we are totally grateful to her. At 6 am, the photos were taken to use the “blue hour”.

I’d like to emphasize that in the photographic processing, Lightroom CC was used to do the white balances, one by using a cold temperature to make the ships look white, and another one by using a warm temperature to highlight the orange and yellow colors of a lovely dawn. All day long, the visitors were met among every corner of the city, at restaurants, churches, the city center, the beaches, and everywhere. They seemed delighted by being welcome at the city.

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English language translation made by Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa through the collaboration of Centro de Estudio de Idiomas Culiacán

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