Plazuela Machado is one of the most ancient in Mazatlán. Historical records show it was built, in 1837, with the economic support of a rich storekeeper of cloth, silver and pearls, Juan Nepomuceno Machado.

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Plazuela Machado

The plaza was originally built with a concourse which was surrounded with 36 majestic stone benches and leafy orange trees, being this the reason why this place was known as “Orange tree walk” during a long period of time.

When he realized that the construction of the dam “Olas Altas” in 1832 had allowed to use a great part of the field near the sea, he had the opportunity to take possession of a big property that later would be donated to the city on condition that there would be established a public plaza.

Plazuela Machado

It was until 1881 when the plaza was renovated and a kiosk was added, which still remains today. 

Plazuela Machado is a venue for Carnival celebrations, due to the gastronomic festival which takes place each year. In this festival the best and the most representative local restaurants offer their best dishes.  Other activities, such as painting exhibitions, book fairs and political and cultural events take place here, too.

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How this Virtual Tour was made

In December, Plazuela Machado was decorated due to Christmas holidays, creating a greater festivity atmosphere and generating a colorful sight with its Christmas lights. It’s one of the places I most appreciate in Mazatlán. 

Their well-preserved ancient buildings, cobbled streets, and exquisite scents from the local restaurants, their well-groomed gardens give an invitation to stroll around. This virtual tour was made at eye level and at 3 meters of height.  For this occasion it was used an f/8 diaphragm aperture, ISO 1600 and 1⁄2 second speed as there was not too much movement.

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