The Government Palace of Sinaloa is a three-story building in Culiacán with a central courtyard where most of the state government offices are located.

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In the areas of the Government Departments and Secretariats, the public has access through wide and comfortable stairs and several elevators, where citizens come to carry out procedures for community support through institutional programs or to request assistance for various activities such as tourism, agriculture, fishing, economy, public works, mining, and others.

Palacio de Gobierno

The Governor’s office is located on the third floor, and there are frequent meetings with various sectors of society in the Governor’s Hall.

Radio Sinaloa

On the second floor of the Government Palace, among other departments, you can find the offices of the Ministry of Economy and Radio Sinaloa.

Radio Sinaloa

In recent days, we were invited by Carlos Cota Schiller to the radio program “A Darle Tatahuila,” in the section dedicated to Art and Music.

A very pleasant interview where we talked about the work carried out by Sinaloa 360 in its eight years of publishing images of the most beautiful places in our lovely state.


The Government Palace of Sinaloa was built in 1978 in the area of the city now known as Centro Sinaloa, with the idea of making the operation of the state government more efficient.

Palacio de Gobierno
Palacio de Gobierno

This project is considered a turning point in the urban development of the city. It was driven by Governor Alfonso G. Calderón and designed and built by architect Eduardo de la Vega Echavarría.

Estación del Ferrocarril

An urban modernization process took place, featuring large buildings, businesses, wide avenues, a new five-story building for the Executive Power Palace, and another for the railroad terminal.

In front of the building, you will find the Republic Square, where large-scale events and civic ceremonies take place, such as the Independence Day shout, attended by more than forty thousand people. Many families also stroll in the evenings, enjoying the well-maintained and clean green gardens.

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How this Virtual Tour was made

The Virtual Tour of the Government Palace of Sinaloa includes 2 aerial shots. For aerial spherical photography, there are several applications to automate image capture.

The one that has provided me with the best results is Litchi, with which you can achieve 360 degrees with twenty-one shots.

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English translation made by Diego González Yáñez, student at PrepaTec Campus Sinaloa. Tecnológico de Monterrey

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