The Banorte Stadium, located in el Desarrollo Urbano Tres Ríos in Culiacán, Sinaloa, is the home of the soccer team Dorados.

This construction was built in only three months, a record time in thehistory of mexican soccer.

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Beisball has always been the sport white the most fans in Culiacan. The Tomateros team has a long history of great triumphs. They play in one of the most beautiful stadiums in all of Latin America.

Estadio Banorte

There was little enthusiasm for soccer, with a small and simple infrastructure in some fields at the riverbank, like the Princess.

It was then, when a group of businesspeople supported by the state government decided to create in the year 2003 the team Dorados.

Juan Carlos Chavez was their first head coach, and he did such animpressive work. He achieved the climb of the team to First Division A.

Estadio de los Dorados

Aerial view of the Banorte Stadium, constructed at the riverbank Humaya, where the Parque Las Riberas begins.

In those days, the Banorte Stadium carried the name of a businessman that supported soccer in Culiacan, Don Carlos Gonzalez y Gonzales.

It was a small stadium, and it needed to be renovated so it could comply with the standards of the Federacion Mexicana de Futbol.

So they broaden its capacity and now up to twenty three thousand spectators can comfortably enjoy the games.

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The aerial spheric photography with a drone needs about twenty one images to achieve the 360·. The drone can be rotated in a manual way or using the app Lichie. This app facilitates all the process by saving energy in the batteries.

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English translation made by Daniela Figueroa Bejarano, student at PrepaTec Campus Sinaloa. Tecnológico de Monterrey.

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