The monumental flagpole is a monument built inside the Tres Ríos Project, which was initiated by Governor Francisco Labastida Ochoa. The lands on the right bank of theTamazula River and both banks of the Humaya River were urbanized, now known as Las Riberas Park.

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The Monumental Flags are a set of large-sized Mexican flags located throughout the country. They are part of a program initiated in 1999 under the presidency of Mexico’s former president, Ernesto Zedillo.

These flags are among the largest in the world when raised on flagpoles. Additionally, they are manufactured by the Ministry of National Defense.

Tres Ríos Confluence

The chosen location for the monumental flagpole is a strip of land formed by the confluence of the Humaya and Tamazula rivers. This site is the geographical center of Sinaloa, from where the history of the founding of the Villa of San Miguel de Culiacán radiates.


Desarrollo Urbano Tres Ríos

Historians mention that in the pre-Hispanic era, it was a ceremonial center and a gathering place for merchandise.

A sort of market where the natives of the Tahue Nation exchanged goods and services. Its location and the monumental features of the monumental flagpole create a worthy site where our national flag waves spectacularly, bringing pride to the city.

Jumping Fountain

Here, honors are paid every year on February 24th, the date on which Mexicans commemorate National Flag Day. The flag is one of our three National Symbols and a unifying element for the Mexican people.

Asta Bandera Monumental

It also features a monumental jumping fountain, illuminated and set to music, where the audience can enjoy nighttime light and sound presentations.

The monumental flagpole features a steel mast with thirteen sections, each seventy-five meters long. It reaches a total height, including a lightning rod and a beacon, of seventy- seven meters and has a weight of forty tons. It is capable of proudly flying a flag that is thirty-eight meters long and twenty-two meters high, weighing one hundred kilograms.

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