The Spirituality Center El Buen Pastor is a retirement house that has been working since 2010 at the back of the Seminario de Culiacán.

The construction of the house started in 2003 with the finality of Culiacán getting a house to formation and spirituality for different groups and persons.

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Know by virtual reality the Spirituality Center El Buen Pastor

It is a beautiful construction, with big and well-kept gardens, ample parking, a multipurpose room, walkers, and rest places.

A chapel that allows 400 persons, which is the nucleus of the spiritual center, the ubication allows you to get to the center of the city in a matter of minutes along an 11-kilometer highway.

Capilla de la Casa de Retiros El Buen Pastor

Around the center, there are multiple crop fields, and such as the sunrise and sunset are worth seeing.

Since you enter you completely forget about the outside world. The calm combined with the natural surroundings makes the perfect environment for a personal retirement and finding god in a more personal way.

Looking for the ideal conditions to form and propose personal values. Initially, it was to the disposition of movements, groups, and priests from the catholic church for their retirements and encounters. Nowadays it is also open to families or business conventions.

Casa de Retiro El Buen Pastor

The Spirituality Center El Buen Pastor is adapted to the encounter, rest, and thoughts.

The Spirituality Center El Buen Pastor has all the conditions to offer whatever the people solicit. It can be rented with the next spaces: Two buildings with single and double rooms that are available for 240 people.

Auditorium for 400 people. 4 salons for 40 people and 1 for 90 people. Dining room for 400 people.

Contacts of the Spirituality Center El Buen Pastor

The administrator is the reverend Victor Fco. Soto Gaxiola, Cel. 673 100 38 62 and e-mail victorsoto_7hotmail.com

The manager is Alondra Verdugo, Cel 667 152 56 11 and the promotion is carried out by the reverend Miguel Ángel Soto Gaxiola, who also is parish priest of the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Carmen, Cel 667 211 02 05 y correo electrónico [email protected]

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How this Virtual Tour was made

I took the photographs in the Image Gallery using a wide-angle lens, a Nikkor 14-24, which is a high-quality optic.

I used a 14-millimeter aperture, which I particularly like for architectural photography. To prevent distortion in the images, it’s essential that the lens is perfectly leveled.

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English translation made by Alan Moreno López, student at PrepaTec Campus Sinaloa. Tecnológico de Monterrey.

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