The “Casa de la Cultura UAS” (UAS Culture House) is located in front of the Frida Khalo gallery, it’s prepared to receive artists and colleagues that passed on.

Everything is prepared to share with them on festive dates. And for that we placed a candle path to dissipate the darkness and show them the way.

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Know by virtual reality The Casa de la Cultura UAS

The herbs in the “Anafres” (little ceramic pots used to put incense and herbs) that purificate the space with their distinctive scent. The pledges and prayers that can be heard in their slow litanies to receive them with the most respect.

Our friends, artists, teachers and companions are the souls who arrive. And they install themselves with all decorations on their altar that’s ready with bread, flowers, crosses, salt, and food (earth element).

Flowers and candles

The culture house is all filled with flowers and candles to celebrate with our artists the mystery of life and the bridge to the realm of the deceased. Theres water, to drink, to tidy oneself up, to quench thirst, and purify the body (water, element of life).

Altar de muertos

Crosses of dirt, sawdust and salt that indicate the four paths that take you to the essence of life or detach you from spirituality.

To share the “Pan de muerto” (traditional mexican sweet bread commonly made in the Day of the Dead festive dates) that is the symbol of the living body, that we offer to the ones that visit us today; Alive or dead.

The four elements are present in the Altar and offer. Water-fire-earth and air, these are the ties that provide us with harmony with the three planes. Heaven-Earth and Underworld, and additionally allow us to intertwine memories, moments of joy and teachings.

Casa de la Cultura UAS

This is a University tradition living tradition, with 37 uninterrupted years of color, light and memories.

Altar and offer dedicated to the sinaloense artists: Jesús Mendoza Sánchez , Rosa María Peraza Castellanos, Miguel Tamayo Espinoza, Pedro Carreón Zazueta, Oscar Liera, Socorro Astol, Norma Millán, Margarita de Corona. Manuel Flores, Rubén Benítez, Roberto Bernal, Itzel Navidad, Martín Almaral, Federico Loya Lafarga, Juan Eulogio Guerra Aguiluz, Pedro Calderón Castro, Antonio García.

Jorge Luis Hurtado Reyes

Text by: Jorge Luis Hurtado Reyes

Creative Director of the project

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How this Virtual Tour was made

I took the photographs during the “blue hour” to capture a beautiful image of the windows and the door. The altars and offerings, created with vibrant colors, stand out in this virtual tour.

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English translation made by Cesar Enrique Martinez, student at PrepaTec Campus Sinaloa. Tecnológico de Monterrey.

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