The El Presidio restaurant, with a retro architecture awakens in the center of the Historic Center, recreating the atmosphere of old Culiacán, with a gastronomy that rescues the best of mexican food in popular dishes and the combination of universal cuisine. Iluminate gastronomy with dishes from a nostalgic, traditionalist and cosmopolitna Mexico.

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Know by Virtual Reality the El Presidio Restaurant

Located on Ángel Flores Street, at the eastern limit of Paseo del Ángel, two blocks from the Cathedral, the old Casa Bon became the most symbolic gastronomic scene in Culiacán, sheltering the Restaurant El Presidio in the nostalgia of an architecture eaten away by a century.

Restaurant El Presidio - Casa Bon

The El Presidio restaurant, with retro architecture, awakens in the center of the Historic Center, recreating the atmosphere of old Culiacán.

History of Restaurant El Presidio – Casa Bon

Around 1900 Concepción Trapero Rubi married Cristóbal Bon Bustamante and her father gave them the house that we know today as Casa Bon.

History of Casa Bon on video

The couple’s 12 children were born there, 5 daughters and 7 sons, and it was the beginning of a large family and a good number of companies in agriculture, aviation, public transportation, export and other areas.

Restaurant El Presidio - Casa Bon

In 2000 the house was abandoned, and I decided to buy it to Brenda, my wife, one of the granddaughters.

After a long process, since the owners were the 5 daughters and their descendants, more than 30 people signed and the purchase was concluded.

The intention was to revive the splendor of the house, we analyzed many uses and, in the end, we decided on a restaurant, our children chose El Presidio de Mazatlan by the Becerra brothers and convinced them to open a branch here.

Restaurant El Presidio - Casa Bon

The restoration was carried out by Santiago and Bárbara, who with an architect from DF and the builder Riquelmer did a great job, leaving the most valuable, giving it pleasant style and respecting the instructions of the INAH.

This work coincided with the project to produce sake in Culiacán, and we decided to put the first sake factory in Mexico in the back of this house, where there was a warehouse of railroad ties, bags of corn, chickpeas, and other things, in other times it was a printing press and a school.

As a part of this project, Nami Sake Bar and Restaurant Sakagura were built, operated by japanese chef Edo Kobayashi. We are very pleased to offer the inhabitants of Culiacán and the tourists who visit us these facilities for the enjoyment of this city that we love so much.

Text: Alberto Coppel Luken

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How was this virtual tour made

I did the virtual tour of Restaurant El Presidio – Casa Bon at dawn, at the blue hour, which is actually only a few minutes. To do this you need to work very quickly, so the use of the Nodal Ninja D10 rotor is essential.

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English translation made by Karla Fernanda Velázquez Peraza, student at PrepaTec Campus Sinaloa. Tecnológico de Monterrey.

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