Tomateros’ Stadium, an iconic symbol of sports in Culiacán. When discussing the capital of Sinaloa, it’s synonymous with its professional baseball team: the Tomateros of Culiacán.

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Tomateros’ Stadium – A Source of Pride for Culiacán

It is, in fact, the most iconic emblem linked to Culiacan. Because when someone refers to our city, from anywhere in the world, its indissoluble relation with its baseball club comes to mind.

Entrenamiento de los Tomateros de Culiacán

The club is already considered one of the most important franchises of all countries affiliated to the Confederation of Caribbean Leagues.

And mentioning one of Mexico’s most emblematic and prestigious baseball teams automatically brings us to Tomateros’ Stadium.

Estadio de Los Tomateros
Fotografía: Miguel Angel Victoria

This stadium boasts the most modern facilities among all Latin American nations where the ‘king of sports’ is practiced. That’s why Tomateros’ Stadium is not just one of Culiacan’s top tourist attractions, but also a source of pride for fans and the entire city.

Caribbean Baseball Series

Inaugurated barely in october 2015, Tomateros’ Stadium, located a few blocks away from Álvaro Obregón avenue, hosted the Caribbean Series of 2017, already hailed as the best in the history of such sports competitions.

In retrospective, behind this beautiful ballpark, the legendary stadium “Angel Flores” remains in the past.

Scenery to epic battles and silent witness of the obtainment of ten championships by the local team. From October 2015 to the present day, exploring Tomateros’ Stadium has become a must for anyone visiting Culiacán.

Visitors are compelled to tour the facilities, snap photos on the field and with the colossal screen in the background, reminiscing about past triumphs, and realizing that they’re standing on sacred ground for baseball enthusiasts. You’ll find all this and more at Tomateros’ Stadium.

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Hector Ley López

Text: Hector Ley Lopez

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How this Virtual Tour was made

I made the virtual tour of the stadium in three stages: In the first stage, I took aerial shots, aiming to capture the blue, yellow, and orange hues characteristic of the so-called “Golden Hour”. For the shot of the Tomateros’ training, I increased the shooting speed, set the ISO to 1600, and opened the aperture to f/5.6, which allowed me to enhance the lighting.

To prevent the lights illuminating the Tomateros Stadium from appearing “overexposed,” I shot in bracketing with three different exposures. In the third stage, at dawn, I took photographs of the Beis Shop Tomateros.

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English translation made by Camila Campos Juárez, student at PrepaTec Campus Sinaloa. Tecnológico de Monterrey

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