The Church of the Inmaculate Conception surrounded by historic buildings and adorned by the main square, is an architectural jewel finished in the seventeenth century and was started to be built by the Indians in 1594 at the initiative of the Jesuits.

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in Mocorito

Church of the Inmaculate Conception in Mocorito

This Church of the Inmaculate Conception was built in the first part with quarry and mid-nineteenth century brick bell tower was built.

Also inside we found fourteen engravings dating from the sixteenth century representing the Via Crucis and works of over four hundred years old. It is by this that the Church of the Immaculate Conception is an icon of the city.

Church of the Inmaculate Conception in Mocorito

This architectural style is known as a military monastic

Around the central square We also found the primary school Benito Juarez located in a large house from the time of 1800 whose attractive clock immaculately kept Londoner origins, each time sounding their bells running smoothly, certainly this season that approaches every three hours (nine, twelve, three, six) different christmas songs are heard.

The school building Lazaro Cardenas of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa also part of the historic center for being an antique house.

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How this virtual tour was made

A fellow photographer was wondering if the blue hour was only at dawn, when the sky takes on this very nice tone after the darkness of the night, the interesting thing is that also in the afternoon before the last light of the day is finished it gets that semi dark color that stands out with artificial lights of buildings.

So I was able to make this virtual tour of the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Mocorito, a temple that they have very clean and well maintained and is visited by parishioners and tourists who visit this beautiful magical town.

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