The New baseball stadium of los Tomateros de Culiacán is located at the Jesus Andrade Avenue, a few blocks from Obregón Avenue. It is considered as the most modern stadium in Latin America and is the home of the champions of the Mexican Pacific League, Los Tomateros of Culiacan, premiering in the season that started in October 9th, 2015.

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Tomateros de Culiacán

Stadium of los Tomateros de Culiacán

The New Colossus of Sinaloa, has a capacity for 20,000 spectators, against 13,000 which used to fit in the old stadium Angel Flores.

It was built on an area of 41 thousand 250 square meters, of which 13 thousand 800 meters are for the playing area, 9 thousand 200 meters are intended for the main building seats, 22,000 meters are allocated to the parking area for 860 cars.

Stadium of los Tomateros de Culiacán

Culiacan’s Tomateros have 10 championships in its history in the league

Culiacan’s Tomateros have 10 championships in its history in the league, and 2 Caribbean Series championships. From this total of 12 championships, 8 have been in the hands of manager Francisco “Paquin” Estrada.

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How this virtual tour was made

This virtual tour took place in two stages, the first on Tuesday, October 20 very early, at 6:25 am using a stick three meters high for a semi aerial photography.

I remember there was a party atmosphere, many people had spent the night queuing up to buy tickets just to see our baseball team, it seemed no one was sleepy and tired.

I got the light for this photograph during the golden hour, there were many clouds with a yellow to orange produce very nice effects in the shadows and lights of the stadium.

At night we attended my Consuegro Luis Amarante and our children to the game between the Tomateros and the Eagles of Mexicali, where I did not lose the opportunity and carry out the second stage of photographs.

The fact that the stadium is impressive, very comfortable, the building is majestic, the work done by Arch. Jacobo Sevilla and his team is really bright. A stadium to be proud of and we must presume worldwide.

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