The youngest Cathedral Basilica of Mazatlan, dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, is the main religious building in the, of baroque style, and hosts Roman Catholic diocese of Mazatlan.

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Know by Virtual Reality the Cathedral Basilica of Mazatlan

It is located in the historic center, near the Plazuela Machado.  The construction of the temple started in 1856 by order of the then Bishop Pedro Loza and Pardavé. Later, the priest Miguel Lacarra takes the construction works of the building which he proceeds to conclude in 1899. 

Cathedral Basilica of Mazatlan

The consecration of the temple as basilica was held on December 12, 1941.

Solar Eclipse, Mazatlán 2024

On November 23, 1958 it was established by decree that the new and Second Diocese of Sinaloa will be based in Mazatlan. The building has a basilica floor and has three towers, which are the same height.  It has an octagonal dome with lanterns, crowned by an iron cross. 

Cathedral Basilica of Mazatlan

The towers are of two bodies and have truncated shaped prisms, which are crowned by a cross. 

Three arches are the main architectural element in the front of the cathedral has , of strong neo gothic accent, which serve as the main access gate to the principal arch, it is on midpoint and it is supported by pilasters, which at the same time support the triangular pediment.

Cathedral Basilica of Mazatlan

Inside the building, there are elements of a Neo-Gothic style, it also presents some of neoclassical influence.

This mixture of styles is due to eclecticism art, very fashionable at the time. At the same time the parish of Mazatlan and the basilica of the Immaculate Conception was declared a Cathedral. Initially the new Diocese of southern Sinaloa had seven parishes in the mountains of Durango and eleven in southern Sinaloa.

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How the Virtual Tour was made

The photographs taken of the Mazatlán Basilic Cathedral took place at 11 am. That day 4 tourists cruises arrived and many visitors had gone to visit the temple, which made it more complicated stitching images in PTGui. 

Instead of making four photographs to achieve 360 degrees, I decided to make six to avoid leaving someone incomplete and out of the equirectangular image. The result worked as seen in this Virtual Tour.

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English language translation made by Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa through the collaboration of Centro de Estudio de Idiomas Culiacán

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  1. I visited this Cathedral about 15 years ago. At the time I was not Catholic and it was very interesting to me. Since then I have become Catholic and I am curious to know what saints are in this cathedral.
    Thank you
    Linda Stevenson

  2. I was there in 2004/5 performing with the Coro Angela Peralta.
    We sang for weddings, funerals, memorials.
    From Atlanta GA, it was my best memories.
    I was deeply honored.

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