Located in Culiacán, Sinaloa, the Botanical Garden of Culiacan is one of the most important in Mexico. Is a public space where different activities to promote a culture of respect and the rational use of our natural resources are developed.

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Founded in 1986 by the Engineer Carlos Murillo Depraect, who donated his valuable collection of plants to the creation of this beautiful place.

Botanical Garden of Culiacan

The Botanical Garden of Culiacan has a surface of 10 hectares and a botanical collection of more than 1,600 different types of plants in exhibition divided into collections.

Promote the preserving of our biodiversity

Through activities guided by the apartment of Environmental Education, The Botanical Garden of Culiacan performs different and specific activities to promote the preserving of our biodiversity. Assists thousands of children and young people who visit the space with their classmates. Visitors can also find some pieces of contemporary art around the garden of recognized artists either locals or foreigners.

Botanical Garden of Culiacan

The botanical garden of Culiacan is a very important communitarian center and meeting point because is located in the middle of the urban area of Culiacan, near Las Riberas Park.

Art Collection

In harmony with plants, it has a collection of art composed by more than 40 pieces of recognized contemporary artists such as Gabriel Orozco, Eliasson Olafur. Richard Long, Francis Alÿs, Sofía Táboas, Dan Graham, James Turrel, and some others more.

It was made thinking in enriching the journey of the visitors and make this place a unique space in México where the natural context with pieces that magnificently match with the architecture that the place itself starts.

Botanical Garden of Culiacan

The most recent work of art received the name of the “Encounter” and was made by James Turrel, an American artist.

“Encounter”, a work of art by James Turrel, an American artist was recently acquired. It consists of a vault with an Elliptic slit to the sky that allows the sunlight to come in and dynamically integrate to the piece of art that as result allow the spectators look at the admirable and unique moments inside of the vault.

Botanical Garden of Culiacan

The Botanical Garden of Culiacan promote meaningful activities where the visitors are in contact directly with the nature and learn about its interaction between it and man.

Among these activities we have: guided visits, audio tours, environmental education courses; botanical movie theater with movies of a positive message about the environment. In addition to that, in the program we also have talks of experts in branches such as environmental topics, educational, botanicals, responsible architecture and more.

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How this Virtual Tour was made

To get to the lasts results, during the printing process I did a double printing. One for the shadows where plants generated a shade very dark and another one for the sky, where the illumination is more and then I mixed with Photoshop.

The shots were taken in the blue hour during the morning and during the golden hour during the afternoon. The Botanical Garden of Culiacan is beautiful, the care and maintenance of all the areas is excellent. I sincerely thank the CEOs the support that they gave me to do this Virtual Tour.

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